Liquid for gel polish removal: nuances of use

Liquid for gel polish removal: nuances of use

In the modern world huge number of types of nail design has appeared. It and new styles, technology of drawing, varnishes which offer non-standard, and sometimes at all "crazy" coverings and images. Many women and girls are attracted by this hipness and brightness. Nails under cover of gel polish look faultlessly, gracefully and beautifully, but sooner or later to covering the end comes. Gel polish will wear out and there will be problem as to remove it.

For removal of gel polish there is special liquid. Such liquid can be bought in any specialized department. The price at this means not small, but and varnish it is necessary to remove not absolutely usual.

Features of liquid for gel polish removal

As well as any other liquid, means for removal of gel polish contains acetone. Most likely many have heard a lot about its not absolutely high qualities. First, acetone overdries nail plate, causing thereby strong sloyeniye of nail. Secondly, acetone does strong harm to human body, getting inside through skin of fingers. Thirdly, at hit in acetone organism, it remains inside where settles.

Therefore as much as possible to secure the health, it is necessary to use liquid where acetone of the highest cleaning is used. At the same time addition of various additives in the form of vitamins and oils is obligatory. Only at observance of such recommendations there is opportunity to deliver to nails and skin of hands the trifle of troubles and harm. You should not expect advertizing which show liquids without acetone addition, they simply will not remove covering, miracles do not happen.

The instruction for use of liquid for gel polish removal

Before starting directly the procedure of removal, it is worth reading and taking all recommendations into account. Initially hands need to be greased with cream which has to be both fat, and nutritious. Thus, the organism will not receive the dose of acetone. Also in advance it is worth taking care of acquisition of cotton pads and foil. Cotton pads are moistened in liquid and imposed on each nail separately. After the cotton pad is reeled up on nail, it surely should be wound with foil. It becomes because acetone – volatile. The procedure of expectation lasts not less than 10 minutes, otherwise gel polish can not be removed completely from nail. Removal of such varnish demands big care and accuracy. After 10 minutes of expectation the foil with cotton wool is removed the turning movements, slightly rotating on nail. Residues of gel polish are removed orange stick. Liquid for gel polish removal - dangerous and harmful means. However, using all knowledge and recommendations, it is possible to reduce many times threat for itself and the organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team