Long and healthy nails - it is easy

What girl does not dream of long and strong nails? You will find councils in this article about how it is possible to grow quickly the nails that they were strong and healthy.

What girl does not dream of beautiful, long and strong nails. The fashion for the increased nails has passed for a long time, the naturalness and naturalness is appreciated now. However not each woman can brag of equal, long and smooth nails. As to grow the nails that they looked healthy and did not exfoliate?

As it is banal, but the first council is obvious - it is healthy nutrition. You will never be owner of strong and healthy nails if you neglect breakfasts to have a bite fast food and to eat too much for dinner. Your food has to be balanced, in it there has to be enough carbohydrates, fats and proteins that the organism normally functioned.

The second rule is intake of vitamins. It is possible to use as complex vitamins, and those which only contain calcium. I recommend to use folic acid as it is very useful to female body. Vitamins are recommended to be used not only inside. Also it will be useful to apply them on nails. Vitamins which contain vitamins A and E are ideal. They well influence nail plate, allow it to become stronger quicker and provide more rapid growth. It is rather simple to puncture the capsule and to apply oil on nails. Such procedure is recommended to be performed twice a day within seven days. You should not be fond often of varnishes. Not varnish, but liquid with which you remove already cloyed varnish is more harmful. Try to choose the most sparing means which do not contain acetone. You should not use them more often than once a week. Before applying color varnish, always use base, it will help not only to prolong life to manicure, but also promotes additional strengthening of nails. Well and the last council - periodically do salt your hand and nails baths. They promote strengthening of nail plate. It is enough to make such procedure only once a week, and the effect will not keep itself waiting long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team