Long hair at men: what hairstyle to choose

Long hair at men: what hairstyle to choose

Long hair at men again on trend. Stylists advise to use for such a case hairstyles in style under the name grunge. With such hairstyle you will definitely not remain unnoticed.

It is necessary to consider the fact that similar hairstyles harmoniously look only on dense and also curly hair. Hair on long hair is visually done the person already, also they are capable to soften sharp lines, giving to the grace face. It is possible to take various options of hairstyles as basis for hairstyle: cascade, short flight of stairs and also asymmetric cut. Stylists who have wide experience of work prefer to make a start from structure of hair, doing hairstyle. That who has rare and hair, hairdressers do not advise to grow very long hair as it will look absolutely not esthetically.

On long hair it is stylish and modern hairstyles with the asymmetric and extended bang look. Creative people prefer to do similar hairstyles. They will be appropriate at concerts and parties. Not many young guys choose asymmetric hairstyles as they demand special care and need constant laying that takes away a lot of time.

Classical hairstyles

The classical style is always relevant. Hair at the same time have to have the identical length and small and accurate hair parting. Also this style assumes opportunity to comb hair back or to do tail. This option will be ideal for the people leading active lifestyle. Believe, in such look you will look rather stylish and creatively, the main thing competently to pick up hairstyle.

Style grunge

The style grunge assumes availability of negligent and not really accurate hairstyles. In this season this style is most popular. To understand how the hairstyle in these stylistics has to look, it is possible to look on photos of Kurt Cobain, creator of style at grunge in music. In most cases hairstyles have wild hair. Stylists in this case advise young guys to use special means for styling to record hairstyle. Hairstyles in this style show to advantage on thick and wavy hair enough.

Style punk

Designers have provided in this season many options of hairstyles on long hair. You need only to make choice. To pick up hairstyle, it is possible to address the professional stylist. If you love unusual hairstyles, then pay direct attention to hairstyles in style the punk. They are distinguished by the shaved whisky and locks which are falling down on the person. Believe, in such image you will look rather stylish.


If you like to surprise people around, then you can give preference to dreadlocks. The truth behind them demands special care. Initially dreadlocks carried to the rastafariyena. Now the similar hairstyle is popular among musicians, artists and teenagers.

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