Long hair in week: ways, recipes of masks

Long hair in week: ways, recipes of masks

On average hair in month grow by 1.5-2 cm, and, this indicator depends on season, health and correctness of care for head of hear. It is possible to grow short hair to shovels in week only by building or by means of laid on locks. But if to stock up with patience, by means of effective saloon procedures and natural house masks it is possible to accelerate growth of hair considerably.

The mesotherapy is considered one of effective ways of improvement of hair and acceleration of their growth. During such saloon procedure the cosmetologist enters under head skin the medical cocktail consisting of vitamins micro and macrocells and also amino acids and other dietary supplements. The dosage at the same time is selected individually. Treatment course, as a rule, makes 8-10 procedures. During this time hair bulbs receive complex of valuable substances, blood supply and as result, hair begin to grow more intensively improves.

Besides, the ampoules for growth of hair containing concentrate biologically active and nutrients will help to achieve desirable result. Thanks to this wonderful means the exchange processes proceeding in hair bulbs improve, the growth phase of hairs is extended and the head of hear gains magnificent gloss.

The minimum course of application of ampoules – 2 months. It is correct to pick up this remedy the trichologist has to.

It is possible to stimulate growth of hair by means of laser hairbrush. This procedure can be undergone in trikhologichesky or cosmetology clinic and also in house conditions.

Besides, professional cosmetics will help to accelerate growth of hair. The experienced trichologist will help to pick up correctly the remedies activating growth of hair. Most often it is tonics, serums, creams, masks and shampoos. Such cosmetics, getting into head skin, improves blood supply, accelerates receiving process by hair follicles of nutrients and activates growth of hair. That for short period to grow hair, use the effective folk remedies checked by time. The great result is yielded by application of the stimulating mask, prepared according to the following recipe: - 4 parts of honey; - 1 part of chili powder. Components carefully mix, then place structure on water bath for 3-5 minutes. Ready means is applied on damp clean locks and head skin, well rubbing mix in radical system. From above the head is wrapped up with food wrap and wound with terry towel. In 38-40 minutes the mix stimulating growth of hair is washed away warm water. At strong burning the mask is washed away earlier, and at its following application add less red pepper to mix. The means prepared according to such recipe is so effective that the result is visible after the first week of its use. The recommended frequency of implementation of medical procedures: twice a week.

For acceleration of growth of hair recommend to take beer yeast regularly.

Also their growth will help to strengthen hair and to accelerate the cosmetic mix restoring head of hear consisting of the following components: - 1 tsps of gelatin; - waters; - shampoo. Gelatin is filled in with small amount of warm water and left before swelling, then mix in a little shampoo. Components carefully mix and apply nutritious means on radical system, and from above put on cellophane package the head. Hold such mask of 27-30 minutes then wash away warm water.

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