Lymphatic drainage facial massage. The effect depends on correctness of actions

Lymphatic drainage facial massage. The effect depends on correctness of actions

If you had had puffiness, slackness of face skin, dim color, it can say that food of epidermis is broken and there was stagnation of lymph in fabrics. All this prevents normal blood circulation. To resume circulation of lymph and blood, to return healthy look to skin, it is worth carrying out lymphatic drainage facial massage regularly. However such procedure needs to be carried out correctly.

Indications to performing lymphatic drainage facial massage are: - face skin hypostases; - skin reddenings;

- presenilation of the person; - acne rash;

- unnatural complexion; - the tired, flabby, withering skin; - "bags" and dark circles under eyes; - small mimic wrinkles; - emergence of double chin;

- need of recovery of elasticity of skin after carrying out some operations. After the carried-out procedure of lymphatic drainage the face recovers elasticity, elasticity of skin, healthy color. Besides, "breath" of cages improves, and skin is nourished with oxygen. The face form becomes more accurate. Hypostases of skin decrease, and after passing of course of massage they completely disappear.

Also "bags" under eyes vanish, the tone of muscle tissue of the person improves, early aging of skin is prevented. After several procedures there is noticeable face rejuvenation. However it is important to remember that at insufficient professionalism such facial massage is capable to provoke compression of lymphatic capillaries. Therefore it has to be carried out in specialized institutions by cosmetologists or massage therapists with medical education which was got by skills on special courses. Nevertheless if desired you can seize necessary skills of lymphatic self-massage. All influences need to be carried out very accurately and gently, without skin tension, in the form of touches, easy strokings and pats. Such actions should be made according to the natural direction of lymphatic streams.

As face skin is quite thin, rough and wrong manipulations are capable to do it irreparable harm.

Therefore it is necessary to treat most responsibly the procedure of lymphatic drainage of the person, to observe movements on the course of lymph flows and it is correct to carry out them. Manual facial massage needs to be done by fingertips, making 3-4 movements in the necessary direction. Step 1. Begin massage with forehead. Put both hands to the middle of forehead, and then smooth strokings shift fingertips to temples.

Before performing lymphatic massage it is recommended to apply face cream or massage cream to clean skin. It will provide the best sliding and will prevent skin extension.

Step 2. Then you pass to eye area. Place small pillows of forefingers on nose bridge then carry out by them on upper eyelid to temple level, and from it - on eye-socket of lower eyelid to nose bridge. Step 3. Process zone of cheeks in such sequence: - from the middle of chin until the end of the lower jaw; - from edge of lips to the lower lobe of ear; - from the center of upper lip to upper lobe of ear. Step 4. Place small pillows of forefingers on nasolabial fold and carry out on it with easy pressing. For self-massage of bottom of chin arrange thumbs on its middle, and then carry out by easy strokings and pressings towards ear. Finish each step with the movement of fingertips from temple on edge of cheekbones, cheeks and necks towards clavicle. It is necessary for pumping and also outflow of lymph. All procedure of such self-massage will take no more than 15 minutes. It should be taken into account that lymphatic drainage facial massage has contraindications: - inflammation of lymph nodes in face; - oncological diseases; - herpes; - cardiovascular diseases 3 degrees; - tuberculosis; - virus infectious diseases; - blood disease; - open wounds, allergic and sharp inflammatory processes on face skin.

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