Make-up and hairstyles which do not get out of fashion

Make-up and hairstyles which do not get out of fashion

In the world of fashion there is such concept as timeless classics. Treat it: pearls, little black dress, stiletto shoes and many other things. Whether there is something similar in the field of make-up and hairstyles? Of course, is. Knowing what belongs to classics, it is possible to be on trend always.


These are black arrows. And all the same as they have been put - liquid eyeliner or black pencil. Arrows remain invariable for many decades. They well look, both with bright, and with pale shade of lipstick.

Smokey eyes

Today the make-up of eyes in smokey eyes style began to gain huge popularity, though was always one of the most demanded. Color of shadows which prevailed in black-gray tones earlier became more various today, and technology of drawing has left far ahead. But the smokey eyes style remains the same classics.

Red lipstick

Remains the favourite of women of all age from generation to generation. She attracts to herself attention of men and leaves nobody indifferent. Red lipstick can be applied, both in the afternoon, and in the evening. It will decorate any image and will bring the highlight.

Natural make-up

Make-up which has endured test time. Ideal option for day walk, appearance at work, etc. The neutral make-up helps to remain to the woman natural, without overloading the person with cosmetics.

Volume lips

Attractive volume lips – the key to success of any woman. Once it has begun with Angelina Jolie who, has built the sensual lips to pedestal top.

Wavy hair 

Easy disorder on the head, playful waves – here and success of excellent hairstyle on any occasion in your life. And it is possible to achieve such effect absolutely easy ways.

Hairstyle bean. It fashionabl, stylish, fresh and molodezhno. First of all, the bean is short hairstyle, but at the same time womanly.

Ultrashort hairstyles. It is really stylish and very safely. Therefore today not everyone to be solved on such experiment with the hair.

Everything listed above enjoys improbable popularity at women, and remains on trend for many years. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team