Make-up for educational everyday life

Make-up for educational everyday life

In spite of the fact that in fashion smoky eyes is still popular, being going in the morning to the school / university, nevertheless it is better to choose a-la naturel make-up. The natural make-up will only emphasize natural beauty and will not distract from internal.

Youth synonym with naturalness. This huge advantage which many young persons hesitate and try to hide under big layer of decorative cosmetics. Actually young face is always fine and gives the chance to save on means of decorative make-up. It is possible to mask only problem places and heat-spots with reddenings. If there is desire, it is possible to correct shape of face.

 As well as to the choice of perfume, clothes, footwear, it is worth treating the choice of decorative cosmetics seriously. It is not necessary to use the first means. It is necessary to try to find what will suit you.

  1. First of all, after awakening, prepare skin for drawing make-up: wash, use cleaning tonic and the moisturizing cream.
  2. Apply concealer on problem sites and shade it.
  3. What to torment skin with heavy foundation, it is better to use powder. It is almost imperceptible on face. When choosing powder consider your shade of skin – color of powder has to match it almost for hundred percent.
  4. In your make-up use blush of color of peach or light pink. They will help to create face form, but not to enhance similarity to nested doll. Then carry out by brush with blush on chin and tip of nose. Shade. That blush laid down evenly, make sponges bow and pull in cheeks - on the turned-out dimples them and impose.
  5. To give freshness to the face, on eyelids impose flickering shadows of light-gray, peach, beige color.
  6. From eyeliner, as well as from black pencil for eyes, it is better to refrain: they will give age. If they are necessary, choose brown color.
  7. It is also best of all to tint eyelashes in brown color. Two layers quite will be enough to give to look expressiveness.
  8. Instead of lipstick it is possible to use gloss. Blinking on lips will add image of the young and pretty girl. Caramel, peach, light pink and beige shades will be suitable for educational institution.

 If you are lover of series and movies, then for certain the trend of natural make-up did not remain you unnoticed. If heroines of movies chose to themselves natural images, it is possible to be sure – using cosmetics correctly and accurately - it is not necessary to remain unattended.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team