Manicure in pink color

Manicure in pink color

Well-groomed and beautiful nails - important element of female image. It is no wonder that women find so much time for the nails, about their appearance it is possible to find much more information, than about other details of image. Manicure with use of pink color remains one of the most popular. It is possible to call it classical option for all ladies.

Features of pink manicure

Pink manicure suits all women, the age, profession, character and living position is unimportant here. Pink color emphasizes femininity, is symbol of beauty and tenderness. In addition, such type of manicure is appropriate in any situation.

Manicure in pink color well looks both on long, and on short nails. The form can be various too. Only it should be taken into account that pink varnishes differ on shade, the saturation of color, brightness, availability of additives. So in each case it is necessary to think over option of pink manicure.

How to choose pink varnish

Gentle-pink color suits any girl, such shade will add to accuracy manicure. It is more appropriate to use bright pink manicure to young girls.

Still you can choose varnish proceeding from tone of the skin. For example, for swarty girls cold shades, will be suitable for ladies with skin of color of ivory - warm, subtle shades pink. For owners of pinkish skin it is possible to use all shades of pink. For ladies with aristocratic snow-white skin it is possible to advise soft pink shades.


Pink color of varnish can be combined with different shades. For example, rose-white combination - option for the French manicure. Black-pink manicure with all patterns looks elegantly and unusually.

It is possible to combine in manicure gold with pink - it is magnificent! Not less effectively the combination of color metallic with pink looks.

In pink manicure lacy elements, spangles and rhinestones perfectly are in harmony.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team