Manicuring: house masks

Manicuring: house masks

The red, cracked and wrinkled hands do not look effectively, but there is no sense to hide them, it is better to provide them appropriate care and to restore beautiful, healthy view.

Examples of self-made masks for hands:

  • Almond mask

Carefully mix 2  tablespoons of lanolin, 1⁄2  teaspoons of almond egg, 1⁄2 egg yolks. To apply to  carefully washed up skin of hands. Put on cotton gloves.   It is the most convenient to Musk to do at night. It is intended for  very rough, red and cracked hands.

  • Oat mask

Fill in glass of porridge with glass of fat milk and cover for several minutes. When the mask cools down, apply it on hands approximately for half an hour. Wash away warm water and apply the moisturizing or nutritious cream. If your hands have cracked, you can add 3  tablespoons of honey (it is desirable lindens).

  • The regenerating tonic

Mix  tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 8  tablespoons of water or olive oil. Apply liquid to skin of hands massage movements. It gives relief to the cracked skin.

  • Nail conditioner

To add 1  tablespoon of olive oil 1⁄2  tablespoons of powder of talc and to mix before formation of uniform cream. If it  too dense - add a little oil. Massage small part of the conditioner in  previously washed up nails and cuticle. Remove surplus, using soft fabric or cotton pads. Slightly polish for gentle, natural gloss.  The rest of the conditioner follows polozhitv small jar with cover or to cover with plastic foil. The conditioner improves blood circulation and strengthens nails.

Examples of house   hand scrubs

The manual peeling is ideal addition to manicure therefore,  as well as manicure,    it is regularly necessary to do it once a week. Peeling of the died-off cages is  also way  to instantly improve  appearance of your hands.  Well purified skin exempted from the damaged layer becomes brighter and looks younger.

  • Sugar peeling

1  tablespoon of oil for body (or olive oil), 1  tablespoon of sugar, 1 cup of lemon juice. Mix mix in hands several minutes, wash away warm water, massage the moisturizing cream.

  • Salt peeling

Mix rough salt,  walnuts, honey and olive oil. Mix mix in hands several minutes, wash up warm water, apply nutritious cream.

  • Coffee srub

Make coffee, drain thick, add balm or oil of geranium or  any other. Rub hands mix within several minutes. Wash up warm water.

  • The warming mask with cinnamon:

2  tablespoons of the polished potatoes (cooked), 2  tablespoons of oil, half-glass of crystals  of seaweed, 1  teaspoon of cinnamon (warming) spoon of iodized salt. Mix ingredients and massage hands, then wash away warm water.

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