Manicuring in house conditions

Manicuring in house conditions

In order that skin of hands was beautiful and elastic, and nails – strong and elastic, it is necessary to look after them correctly and regularly. It does not mean at all that you should spend money for expensive saloon procedures and cosmetics. On the contrary, the woman can provide the hand care in house conditions, using folk remedies.

For a start buy good quality liquid soap. It is much more useful to care for skin of hands, than firm. Of course, exception is the natural soap prepared with own hand. However such wonderful pieces cost expensive and if you are not engaged in soap manufacture, then this option will hardly suit you. However, female gentle hands have more terrible and terrible "enemies", than incorrectly picked up soap. First of all it concerns household chemicals. Performing homework, always put on rubber gloves. They will protect skin of hands from aggressive influence of chemical means.

Legendary Sophia Loren advised women to use house nutritious cream. This council is rather good, but only in case to use it regularly and whenever possible after each washing of hands. That to prepare it, it is necessary to take any ready cream, to mix with beeswax and essential oil. In this case oil of lavender or avocado will be ideal. The following combination of components will be the most optimum: 50 ml of cream, 20 drops of oil and 1-1.5 tsps of the kindled beeswax.

Give once a week to manicuring at least 1-1.5 hours. These pleasant procedures can be combined quietly, for example, with viewing the favourite movie. Prepare hand bath: in 500 ml of warm water dissolve 2 tsps of sea salt. And it is desirable to use that which does not contain dyes and fragrances. You can add 1-2 ampoules of oil solution of vitamin A to solution and E. Zatem it is necessary to ship hands in means and to hold within 15 minutes.

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