Manicuring of the house

Manicuring of the house

Skin of hands most of all suffers from influence of water, household chemicals and cold therefore she demands daily leaving. The chosen manicuring has to be careful and regular

It is necessary to look after hands also laboriously and attentively, as well as the person. Skin of hands most of all suffers from influence of water, household chemicals, cold, from in what the woman is engaged.

Longer to keep skin of hands smooth and elastic, behind it daily leaving is necessary. And for this purpose there is no need to spend large number of money.

So, after hand wash of linen the cosmetologists recommend to wipe skin of hands with lemon juice or acid solution. Also wiping of hands lemon juice promotes bleaching of hands if skin has darkened from homework on kitchen or bad water.

Contrast mustard baths are very useful to prevention of premature withering of skin of hands. After baths it is recommended to apply fat cream on hands. As the fine softening means for hands serves cucumber juice or warm broth after cooking of potatoes. Baths from these components are very useful. Warm five-minute baths with sea salt are good at perspiration of hands.

At dry skin on hands the egg and glyceric mask will be very effective. In cold season it is necessary to keep hands in the warm. Mittens or gloves have to be from natural and soft materials.

The good weakening means is massage of hands. It is simple to do it, and the positive emotions got from this pleasant procedure cannot be compared to anything. Except that during massage the microblood circulation amplifies, both are massed, and all sustavchik and hryashchik prominatsya. It will provide long mobility of joints.

To soften the become coarse skin of elbow bends, during acceptance of bathtub or shower the elbows need to be pounded rigid bast with soap and soda. After the water procedures the elbows should be greased with fat cream.

Whatever way of manicuring the woman for herself has chosen, it is always important to remember that leaving due to be the most careful and regular.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team