Manicuring: we get rid of wrinkles and dryness of skin

Manicuring: we get rid of wrinkles and dryness of skin

Not well-groomed female hands testify to slovenliness of the lady and give her true age away. The dry shelled skin, specks, uneven nails - consequence of influence of adverse factors. But it is possible to cope with problem, it is even necessary!

Homework which takes away beauty from hands and youth can bring benefit to skin of hands if before work to put on rubber disposable gloves, and plentifully to grease skin with nutritious cream. Under rubber the effect of sauna is created and nutritious cream will deeply moisturize and "will feed up" the skin of hands in operating time.

In cold season the hands have a rough time. Do not forget to go outside always only in gloves or mittens more often in winter time grease hands with cream.

The usual moisturizing hand cream can create miracles. Put jars with the moisturizing cream everywhere – near sink, in the car, near bed, you carry cream tube in bag and always grease hands as soon as you feel feeling of dryness. It is also necessary to apply plentifully to skin of hands the moisturizing cream after each washing. Washing of hands has the secrets. Too hot water does skin red, and too cold – dry and shelled. Hands should be washed only with pleasantly warm water and with soft soap or shower gel. That skin of hands was smooth and on it there were less wrinkles every week do peeling. For peeling it is possible to use ready srub from shop, and it is possible to use also granulated sugar or weak coffee. Just it is necessary to grease hands with large amount of the moisturizing cream or vegetable oil and to wipe skin with coffee or sugar. You should not use as srub salt – it very rough and will irritate the skin. One more house means which will help to make skin of hands soft and smooth are baths. To make bath it is necessary to heat a little vegetable oil and to lower in it hands for 15 minutes. Perfectly broth of potatoes or warm milk will be suitable for baths.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team