Mask film with activated carbon for clarification of time

Mask film with activated carbon for clarification of time

Greasy luster, enlarged pores, black dots on face skin, and in case of infection also pimples. The impossibility of weekly visit of beauty shop for the purpose of cleaning of face pores joins everything listed. And there is a wish to look attractive at any age. The charming person is "business card" of the woman.

In such cases the mask film with activated carbon will be very opportunely. All ingredients are incredibly available to its preparation. For creation of mask it is necessary to pound 1/2 tablets of activated carbon, to add half teaspoon of gelatin and teaspoon of milk. Milk can be replaced with water. To warm up mix on water bath or in the microwave oven before full dissolution of gelatin. To cool a little.

It is preferable to Musk to apply to the face skin which is previously steamed out with the revealed time. I.e. it is the best of all to carry out the procedure after bath. In the beginning the mask film with rigid brush is well driven in into time that the structure has deeply got into them. Then from above put one more, thicker layer.

The mask can be applied to all face skin, avoiding eye area, and it is possible only on problem sites - forehead, nose, chin.

Within 15 minutes, without emotions and mimicry, wait for full drying of mix. The formed film needs to be removed from face. You should not do it by breakthrough, movements have to be accurate not to injure skin. Then to apply any moisturizing or nutritious cream. To apply once a week.

Activated carbon can also use for closing of time. For this purpose it is necessary to take 1 tablet of activated carbon, to pound it and to dissolve in water (10 tablespoons). The received solution is spilled in forms and we put in the freezer. To wipe with cubes face in the morning daily.

Also you remember that the clogged-up pores are consequence of surplus of dead cells on face skin. Therefore you are not lazy and daily wash away cosmetics for the night.

Draw close attention to the diet. Production of skin fat directly depends on it. Sharply limit reception fried, sharp, sweet and flour. All this as much as possible stimulates work of sebaceous glands. 

Recipes with activated carbon will save to you lot of money and time for visits of beauty shops, and, above all, will give to your face skin the healthy and shining look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team