Mask for narrowing of time in house conditions: nature secrets...

Mask for narrowing of time in house conditions: nature secrets...

The main problem which owners of fat type of skin face, - enlarged pores. This cosmetic defect cause set of troubles: time is hammered with dust and dirt, becomes the reason of eels, inflammation and other skin diseases. Fortunately, it is possible to cope with this problem, and masks of house production will help with it.

Mask from linden flowers for problem skin

The cosmetic prepared according to the following recipe narrows enlarged pores: - 1 tablespoons of lime color;

- 100 ml of water. Dry lime color is crushed in powder and filled in with hot water, then the container with mix is put on small fire for 3-5 minutes. After gruel cover the prepared face skin (it is desirable to put warm mask). 20 minutes later cosmetic remove dry cotton pad and wash cool water. This procedure can be performed also at dry type to skin (after washing off of mask apply nutritious cream to skin).

Cosmetic mix with the pulling together effect for the withering porous skin

Recipe of this means is as follows: - 1 tsp of lemon juice; - chicken protein; - 2 tsps of oat flakes; - lemon dried peel. Oat flakes and dried peel of lemon are crushed in the coffee grinder. Separately beat egg white (dense foam has to be formed). The beaten egg white is mixed with lemon juice and the crushed flakes and dried peel. The mask thick layer is applied to the prepared skin for 17-20 minutes. Then remove residues of mix the cotton pad moistened in water and wash cool boiled water.

The Indian mask for skin with enlarged pores

The cosmetic mix prepared from such ingredients has well proved: - 1 tsps of honey; - 1 tsps of milk; - 1 tsps of potato starch; - 1 tsps of salt. The milk which is warmed up up to the comfortable temperature is mixed with honey, potato starch and salt (mixture has to be homogenous). Cosmetic is put on the prepared face thick layer and left for 25-27 minutes. Wash away the pulling together mask warm water, then wash cool boiled water. Additional benefit of this mask: clarifies skin, gives it equal and beautiful color and also smoothes wrinkles.

Tomato gruel – the effective remedy narrowing pores

For preparation of cosmetic use the following products: - large ripe tomato; - 3 tablespoons of potato starch; - 5-6 drops of vegetable oil. Pulp of tomato is grated, then enrich gruel with potato starch and vegetable oil. Components carefully mix and apply ready means thick layer to the prepared face skin. In 17-20 minutes, mix is washed away warm boiled water, and later wash mineral water. For achievement of desirable effect the cosmetic procedure is recommended to carry out three times-four times a week. The course makes 10-13 procedures.

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