Mask for narrowing of time - the best means for oily skin

Mask for narrowing of time - the best means for oily skin

Enlarged pores are very widespread phenomenon. For their reduction skin needs first of all good clarification. And various masks work for updating and rejuvenation of cages.

Mask film from enlarged pores and black dots

The mask film can be prepared easily in house conditions. And its effect is practically equated to the saloon procedure: skin is purified, begins to breathe, pores are narrowed, the complexion becomes fresh and healthy, and inflammations disappear. Preparation of mask requires egg, activated carbon, gelatin and milk. Gelatin is natural collagen. It forces skin cells to be updated. Activated carbon works in deep layers of skin, saves the person from black dots. Thanks to it the face is smoothed and finds tone. Egg and milk are nutritious and moisturizing components. Practically any face pack does not do without them.

So, for preparation of mask crush tablet of activated carbon, mix with gelatin teaspoon, add teaspoon of milk and warm mix in the microwave of 15 seconds. Later cool and apply on nose, chin and forehead. In 20 minutes remove it: it can descend lumps as dries up and turns into film. After application of mask the quantity of black dots will become less, and pores will be narrowed.

Usual masks for narrowing of time

Beat egg white in abrupt foam, and then mix it with the pounded fresh leaves of plantain. Bright green gruel of average consistence has to turn out. Apply it on forehead and nose. The mask works thanks to bactericidal properties of plantain and the softening properties of egg white. In 15 minutes the mask can be washed away. Mix tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese with fresh cucumber juice. The consistence has to be not too liquid. After that put mix on face and after 20 minutes wash away cold water. Take three tablespoons of usual milk and add to them two pounded aspirin tablets and also half teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. The turned-out solution process sites with enlarged pores. Any of recipes is simple in preparation, but at the same time is effective. Consider that it is impossible to apply proteinaceous masks more often than two-three times a month. Apply other masks as required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team