Mask from mayonnaise for hair

Mask from mayonnaise for hair

It seems that the mask from mayonnaise for hair is nonsense. But if to understand, then as a part of good mayonnaise there is set of the vitamins and elements useful to hair. Then it turns out that mayonnaise is quite cheap, ready and useful mask which can easily be used in house conditions.

It is considered that this mask will positively influence the dry, fragile and splitting hair. For colored blondes it will become just panacea, the burned hair by means of mayonnaise quickly will take healthy form.

It is undesirable to use this mask to owners of oily hair. After the procedures the hair can worsen.

Such useful elements as are part of this surprising product:

  • Olive or vegetable oil which has in itself vitamin of youth E and also other vitamins and microelements. Oil can add to hair unique gloss, improve their structure, will help to get rid of secants of the ends and to improve growth.
  • Yolks of eggs will help to give to hair the volume and splendor, to strengthen roots and also will promote growth acceleration.
  • Lemon juice or vinegar will soften hair and will give them smoothnesses.
  • Mustard will influence as the irritating factor and will allow to accelerate blood-groove on head skin. And consequently, the follicle and their transition from the sleeping phase to phase of active growth will accelerate growth.

The mask with henna addition will help to strengthen hair. That to prepare it, it is necessary to mix henna with warm water to condition of gruel. It is the best of all to buy colourless henna, but owners of red hair can take also usual. At the same time it will give brighter red shade. After gruel from henna stands 10-15 min., it is necessary to add 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise to it and again to mix. The received mask needs to be applied on all head and to hold hour, then the mask is washed away with use of shampoo.

Exists as well the mask activating growth of hair. For preparation it is required 15 gr to fill in yeast 4 tablespoons of warm kefir for 15 min., and then to add 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise and to stir. The mask can be applied or only on roots of hair, or at all length. After 1 hour it needs to be washed away.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team