Mask from mustard for growth of hair

Mask from mustard for growth of hair

Women in pursuit of beauty think out various recipes to improve condition of hair. Especially owners of long curls are anxious with condition of the hair. Is used not only means from shops and drugstores, but also the structures prepared with own hand. At the same time the choice of ingredients is quite various. Women have already tried miracle properties of mustard. From it prepare mask which improves condition of hair and promotes their growth.

Mustard has the warming effect. Its drawing on roots of hair helps to improve blood circulation in bulbs thanks to what there is strengthening of root system of hair that interferes with its loss. Besides, strengthening of blood-groove in roots promotes growth stimulation. The mustard mask with success is used not only by women, but also strong half of mankind. Some men often face baldness problems. Such means will help to slow down process and even to improve condition of hair.

Recipe for mask from mustard

For mask dry mustard is used. On 2 tablespoons of powder the yolk, on 2 tablespoons of oil and water, and 1 tsp of sugar is required. Oil undertakes either vegetable, or any cosmetic. Pour all ingredients except liquid into capacity, mix and fill in with boiled water. The uniform structure of mask has to turn out. Consider, the more sugar, the effect will be stronger. Blondes instead of it can use honey.

Rules of use of mask

The mustard mask can dry very strongly hair therefore you apply it only on roots of hair. Not obligatory before the procedure to wash the head, however it is undesirable to apply mask on strongly polluted hair too. It is possible to carry out the procedure every other day after you have washed up the head. Hair before drawing mask need to be moistened slightly that they were damp. After you put mustard mask, wrap up the head polyethylene and put on the warming hat or towel. It is necessary to hold structure on the head within half an hour. Some maintain also hour, but it is already especially individual, the burning sensation will be felt at the same time. If it is intolerable, better at once wash away structure. Try to use less sugar, then the mask will not be such aggressive. It is necessary to wash away structure warmish water with addition of small amount of shampoo. In end you can apply balm on the head. If in the course of the procedure no reaction is felt, it can demonstrate bad quality or the expired expiration date of mustard powder. Sometimes the lack of reaction is connected with low sensitivity. If after the end of procedure even of hint on blood circulation strengthening has not appeared, add more sugar.

Frequency of use of mask

For achievement of desirable effect the people with normal hair need to carry out the procedure every week. Those at whom the dryness of curls is observed have enough to do of it at an interval of 10 days. Owners of fat head of hear need to put mask of times in 5 days. It is possible to carry out similar influence within month then the break in half a year is required. Then use of mask can be repeated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team