Masks and face treatments for clarification of time

Masks and face treatments for clarification of time

Pure leather, undoubtedly, is pride of women. And even if the nature has not awarded you with so generous gift, if desired the situation can be corrected. For this purpose modern beauties have many ways – cosmetics, saloon procedures and also secrets of traditional medicine and mask of house preparation.

Clarification of time - one of the main steps on skin care which exempts it from surplus of skin fat and pollution, thereby providing it freedom of breath and promoting saturation of cages oxygen. For this purpose usually use tonics, lotions, masks, srubs, peelings which help skin to be cleaned and updated. Well specially developed cosmetics, saloon procedures cope with this task. However, from masks and the looking after creams and other means of house production the effect is not worse at all. Only it is necessary to define correctly type of the skin, and only after that to apply secrets of our grandmothers which passed from father to son.

For example, owners of oily skin will be is ideal by egg mask. It deeply gets into skin pores and "extends" the skin fat and dirt which have collected in them. For preparation of such mask srub beat one egg white in foam, then add to it sugar teaspoon. And properly mix everything before receiving homogeneous mass. Wash with soap or special means for washing or at least process face wet towel wipes, having removed skin pollution. Then put the turned-out egg and sugar mix on face. Leave it to dry up. Then moisten hands with the remained mix the patting movements carry out facial massage. Pay special attention to problem zone – forehead, nose, chin where black dots like to accumulate. When hands cease to stick to the person, finish the procedure and wash away mask. Then apply nutritious cream to the processed leather.

At dry type skin can also use proteinaceous and sugar mask, but it is necessary to apply it only on the area which is more inclined to pollution, – parts of forehead, to chin, nose.

Well purifies skin, removing from it black dots and gloss, srub from baking soda. It is quite simple to use it. It is enough to process face any means for washing, and then to apply pinch of soda to even moist skin and to slightly rub it skin. At the same time you remember that it is better to use this means at oily or normal skin. If you apply soda to dry skin care, at once after its use put any cosmetic oil or nutritious cream on face.

For washing it is possible to use means for face care of production of firm to which you give the preference. It can be as the budgetary option, the Avon type, and its more expensive analog.

Good absorbent for cleaning of time is white cosmetic clay which can be dissolved with water, adding to it honey, cream, milk, and the peeling parts of ground nuts, dry herbs, oat flakes, egg shell. Dissolve clay to condition of dense sour cream, add something from above-mentioned ingredients, put on face, slightly massage, and then leave for 5-10 minutes. After this time wash away mask cool water. Dry and normal skin it is useful to indulge once a week the soft oat srub prepared from one tablespoon of oatmeal, tablespoon of small salt, teaspoon of vegetable oil and tablespoon of heavy cream. Carefully mix everything, put on face and slightly massage. Then leave mix for 10 minutes. Wash away mask warm water. Softly removes skin fat and dead cages apple mask which perfectly is suitable for sensitive skin care. She from the taken on one tablespoon of small ground grits, yogurt, quarter of the apple grated on small grater and two drops of rosewood oil prepares. Mix all components and put for 15-20 minutes on face. Then rinse skin. It is remarkable that these means of house cosmetics do not concede to expensive creams of various firms at all. It is visible, not for nothing our ancestors stored and protected these recipes helping to keep beauty and youth of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team