Masks for body the hands – recipes for sauna

Masks for body the hands – recipes for sauna

After sweating room the body well steams out, time opens. At this time it is worth putting the mask made with own hands. She perfectly looks after skin, feeding it and enriching with useful elements.

For dry and normal skin - nutritious barmy mask

Will be necessary for its preparation: 100 g of kefir; 0.5 h spoon of the yeast (which is previously soaked in 1 h to spoon of warm water); 3 tablespoons of oatmeal; on 1 h spoon of honey and olive oil.

We connect and mix all components, we leave in the warm place for hour - we wait when the mask a little inflates.

It is necessary to apply it on the steamed-out body for 15-25 minutes, and after to wash away warm or cool water, slightly rubbing body with natural bast, deleting surplus of oil. To apply nutritious cream after such mask there is no need as she on herself nourishes and moistens skin.

For fat (inclined to acne rash) skin - tonic mask on the basis of herbs

Are its part: 3 tablespoons of mix of herbs (5-7 types); 4 kernels of almonds; 1 tablespoon of flax; 100 g of natural yogurt; 1 h spoon of lemon juice; 1 tablespoon of clay and on 1 h spoon of ginger, turmeric and nutmeg (in the form of powder).

The mask reminds grass srub, however it is necessary to add crude almonds and flax which will serve as emollient components to the crushed herbs. They need also to be crushed in the coffee grinder and to sift.

From herbs flowers of rosemary, calendula, sage, thyme and nettle will approach. We add clay and spices which have antiseptic effect to them. Further it is necessary to dissolve mix with yogurt with lemon before formation of smetanoobrazny consistence. It is necessary to apply such mask on the clean steamed-out body. It is necessary to sustain it 20-30 minutes, from them 5-10 minutes it is possible to sit in sauna. Mix perfectly will be suitable both for fat, and for the withering skin.

The masks prepared by the hands not to even out with any purchased, even very expensive and fashionable means. Skin after them will become clean, shining and gentle, will gain healthy color, and to the touch will become pleasant as silk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team