Masks for dry skin of hands

Masks for dry skin of hands

Dry skin of hands is big problem. Cream often do not cope and cannot help. And in the winter the dryness problem only becomes aggravated under the influence of cold. To avoid cracks and crusting, additional leaving and deep skin nourishment of hands is necessary. To the best means in this question house masks are.


1. Mask with olive oil - olive oil of 1 tablespoon - lemon juice of 1/2 tsps - the moisturizing hand cream of 1 tsp. We warm up olive oil in the microwave. Then we add lemon juice and hand cream. Mix needs to be shaken up carefully. We apply warm mask to clean skin of hands before going to bed, we put on special cotton gloves and we go to bed in them. The mask well helps at weather-beaten skin. In the morning of hand become soft, smooth and gentle, as at the baby. Will do this procedure once a week enough.

2. Egg mask - egg of 1 piece - olive oil (peach or almond) 1 tsp - banana of 1 piece. For mask it is necessary to take egg yolk and properly to shake up it, having added oil. Banana we pound pulp and we add to mix. Plentifully we grease with mask hands, we put on gloves for hair-dyeing or usual polyethylene sacks and we lower hands in basin with hot water for 30 minutes (temperature has to be tolerant). The procedure rejuvenates skin and well softens. This mask needs to use once a week.

3. Grain nutritious mask - slice of rye Borodino bread of 1 piece - milk 1 glass - egg of 1 piece - sunflower oil of 1 tsp - starch of 1/2 tsps. The slice of bread is filled in boiling milts and we insist 5 minutes. We wring out pulp and well we knead fork. We add yolk, oil and starch to bread. All ingredients are carefully mixed. Plentifully we grease with this mask skin of hands and we put on polyethylene gloves. We lower hands in basin with hot water for 30 minutes. It is necessary to repeat the procedure every other day, 10 times. Dry skin of hands to change and will become soft, gentle, and wrinkles will be smoothed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team