Masks for giving of softness to hard hair

Masks for giving of softness to hard hair

Our hair demand continuous care and leaving. It is necessary owners of hard hair hardly. Such hair do not obey at all, it is very difficult to lay them. Many various masks are on sale in shop for softening of hair. But the majority if to read structure, chemical compounds which in the future will be able negatively to affect health of hair include.

It is possible to prepare independently masks which will be effective and useful. They will help to make hair obedient, brilliant and soft.

Wonderful properties of olive oil are known to all. It appears if to mix it with natural honey in identical sizes, then it is possible to cope with problem of hard hair ideally. It is necessary to distribute on each millimeter of hair and it is obligatory to smear roots carefully. That the effect was stronger, it is necessary to put on special hat or package and for bigger heat to tie the head warm scarf or dense towel. It is necessary to wash away in warm water and to use shampoo a little. Duration of the procedure is about 30 minutes.

Many herbs use for treatment of hair. The camomile, linden and nettle is ideal for giving of softness. In the dried look they are ready boiled water. After cooling various vitamins B type of oil solutions and egg are added to them. The mask is applied on the head and sticks to about an hour. Later it is necessary to wash the head with warm water with detergent.

It is possible to make absolutely plain mask. It is simple to buy jojoba oil, almond or olive oil and to apply it for the night on hair. For the best effect oil is a little warmed up. It is washed away with shampoo in the morning, and you will be able to enjoy their softness and poslushnost during the day.

For preparation of mask it is possible to buy blue clay which is unusually useful. She not only will make hair softer, but also will revitalize and will strengthen hair. In any drugstore it is possible to buy it. The procedure will take 5 minutes. Clay gets divorced water and is distributed on hair. Then it is necessary to wash out the head carefully.

Using these masks, it is possible to be absolutely quiet, no harm to hair will be done. And the positive effect will be replaced after the first mask.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team