Masks for hair from clay

Masks for hair from clay

Clay – natural cosmetology means which is applied to the solution of many problems including with hair. Clay not only nourishes skin and hair follicles, but also regulates work of sebaceous glands, strengthens hair, does brilliant and volume.

Clays there are several types. Use of each look pursues definite purposes. The most effective and useful to hair is green clay. It is simply necessary for oily hair care. Green clay contains zinc, silver and magnesium. It reduces sebaceous secretion, removes dandruff, softly purifies skin and strengthens hair.

Blue clay is considered the most effective for those who quickly want to grow beautiful hair. It not only interferes with their loss, strengthening follicles, but also does hair by less fragile and accelerates their growth. Blue clay, besides magnesium, contains iron, potassium, silicon, calcium, aluminum.

The gray kind of clay well looks after dry hair (including, overdried by chemistry and paints). Gray clay will be ideal for improvement of condition of hair after sea rest and also in the winter. The mask from gray clay will return to hair force and gloss, will eliminate fragility, restore balance of skin and will stick together the doubled split ends. Clay of pink color is suitable for hair thin and fragile. It will strengthen hair and will make them thicker on all length. Red clay is recommended for sensitive skin. If your hair quickly become soiled, masks from red clay will help to cope with problem. They will improve blood supply, will remove sebaceous secretion and will restore rn head skin. White clay - good means for increase in volume. It is recommended for the fine and limp hair and also injured as quickly restores structure of hair. Does hair elastic, dense and strong. It is considered that yellow clay removes toxins. Plus it disinfects head skin, removes inflammations and nourishes skin and hair with oxygen.

Dry clay can be bought in drugstore. The amount of clay undertakes depending on hair length. Clay is diluted with water, but it is better to dilute it with mineral water, thermal water or broth of the herbs corresponding to your type (for dry hair it is good to use camomile, for normal – nettle or birch leaves, for fat – hop cones). It is possible to add to mask vitamins (pharmaceutical in oil) A and E, yeast, honey, juice of citrus, egg yolk. To put mask right after preparation. To wrap up hair with film, thick towel and to hold three quarters of hour. In the preventive purposes of mask become twice a month. In medical – twice a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team