Masks for people with problem skin

Masks for people with problem skin

Problem skin is available for many people. Behind it special and comprehensive care is necessary. Get acquainted with simple and very effective ways to return gloss to skin, elasticity and healthy look.


1. The core from pigmentatsiisok the core has the strong bleaching properties. It is quite often used by cosmetologists - for clarification of pigmentation, freckles and so-called senile spots. To stir 3 tablespoons of juice of the core with 1 tablespoon of honey, to put on face and to wait until the mask dries. Then to wash away warm water. 2 times a week are better to carry out the procedure - before obtaining satisfactory effect.

2. Mint against ugreyugra are black dots which are formed on face skin, area of decollete and even on spin. Fortunately, it is possible to fight against them successfully by house methods. For preparation of the excellent cleaning mask it is necessary to make mint handful glass of boiled water and to cool. Then to add 2 tablespoons of fresh yeast and to pound everything in homogeneous mass. To put mask on face, passing area of mouth and eyes. To wash away in 10 minutes.

3. For vascular the kozhikrasnot, puffiness and even "asterisks" - not so rare problem. Fortunately it is possible to cope with it. Are necessary for preparation of medicine: • 1 tablespoon of dried camomile, • 1 tablespoon of seeds of flax (can be integral or ground), • 4 drops of vitamin A, • piece of gauze.

4. We pour out herbs in cup or glass and we fill in with small amount of boiled water - so that they were completely covered. Infusion is covered with saucer and we leave for several minutes. When cools down, we add to it liquid vitamin A and it is diligently stirred. Then circular motions we put mask on all face, without touching area of mouth and eyes. After that we lay down on sofa or in chair and we cover face with gauze for 20 minutes. We wash away mask from skin cold mineral water and we apply special nutritious vascular skin cream. Such procedure can be repeated successfully once a week or when there is reddening or "asterisks".

5. The moisturizing mask for dry kozhiv winter season always saves my dry skin from kiwi this wonderful mask. Will be necessary for preparation of medicine: • 1 fruit of kiwi, • 1 tsps of lemon juice, • 1 tablespoons of potato flour. My kiwi, and then it is carefully peeled and small cut (it is also possible to crush in the blender). After that we add lemon juice and potato flour. All ingredients are carefully mixed that there were no lumps. The ready mask has to have dense sticky consistence. We put it on the washed and dried up face. We wash away micellar liquid (special medicine for removal of make-up) in 20 minutes. Attention! Before the first procedure it is necessary to take allergic samples and to apply mask on the small site of skin.

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