Masks from dry skin and pimples

Masks from dry skin and pimples

The nature has awarded the person with skin barrier which protects from influence of microbes and dirt. But gradually, under the influence of these factors, improper feeding, diseases, physical activities and the collected fatigue, skin grows old, grows dull, there are wrinkles, hypostases, capillaries burst, pimples swell up. It is time to help it.

To treat skin, do not try to buy expensive ointment or cream at once, consider that the main reason is the your organism missing in supply of food of bodies with the necessary substances. Skin signals, tries to prompt you it. For example, the elementary pimple - not always the hammered time, is the sign of the fact that the liver and kidneys cannot fully remove slags. The shortage of zinc causes formation of pimples, comedones too. Means, urgently it is necessary to fill up the diet with meat, seafood, nuts. Other of the reasons of jumping of pimples - lack of B6 vitamin.

The shortage of B6 vitamin often provokes regular rash of pimples, at the same time they develop often on one place, especially before periods.

At strong dryness of skin the pronounced water imbalance takes place. Take for the rule to drink more plain water, and you will surely see improvements soon.

In the nature everything is harmonious, it gives to people food, water, vitamins. Look what is in your kitchen that grows on your beds, use natural ingredients. Owners of dry skin are recommended to make simple mask: to crush pulp of small banana, to grind 1 tablespoon of sour cream with yolk, to mix everything, for 15-20 minutes to put mix on face, to remove surplus of mask warm, obligatory with boiled water. It is effective at application of 2-3 times a week the following procedure: put the cotton wool wetted in sea-buckthorn juice on clean face skin, hold on face of 15-20 minutes, then absolutely wipe damp towel. You will please skin if you indulge the person and here with such mask: in 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder pour in warm boiled milk, before obtaining uniform consistence. Leave 10 minutes on face and wash away.

Cocoa is known still the ability to lighten the mood, thanks to serotonin which is called happiness hormone.

To get rid of annoying pimples, to narrow and clean pores, squeeze out from vitamin E capsules necessary amount of oil solution on the person, carefully rub it and massage, in half an hour from above put egg white, in 30 minutes wash away everything cold water. It is better to apply this mask before going to bed, course of its 10 times, in 2 days, on the third. You take protein, you shake up it properly, you add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil, then gradually you pour starch. The consistence has to become average viscosity and density. You smear with this structure the person, except eyes and lips. When the mask turns into crust, wash away it, wipe face with spirit lotion and apply cream. Heat-spots, inflammations and comedones will gradually disappear. Repeat course of masks 3 months later.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team