Masks from peaches for all occasions

Masks from peaches for all occasions

The peach is not only juicy and tasty fruit, but also at the same time very useful. It is ideal for care for skin of face and body. There are special masks from peaches which can be prepared in house conditions.

Mask from peaches for skin after suntan

Mix pulp of two or three peaches with five tablespoons of yogurt. Put mask on face and body and you hold within about 15 minutes. Then wash hot or cold water.

Peach mask for brilliant skin

From 1-2 peaches add tablespoon of orange juice, tablespoon of yogurt and honey to puree. Put mask on face and hold 15 minutes then wash away warm water.

The refreshing face pack from peaches

Knead 1-2 peaches and add honey spoon. If your skin dry, add also a little cream. Put mask on face and cover with gauze. In 20 minutes wash away. This peach mask well cleans pores, feeds, refreshes and calms skin after acceptance of solar bathtubs.

Mask from peaches for tired skin

Crush two peaches in the blender, then add egg white and a little wheat flour. Put the received mix on face and you hold about 25 minutes before full drying. Then wash skin with cold water and apply the moisturizing cream.

Peach mask for body care

Add 2 yolks, spoon of milk, honey and two tablespoons of olive oil to pulp of three peaches, carefully mix. Apply mix on body with circular motions and carry out massage of skin within several minutes. Wash away mix warm water and moisten body with cream which suits your type of skin.

The rejuvenating bathtub from peaches

Carefully crush in the blender of 5-7 peaches, add glass of milk or cream. The consistence has to turn out liquid. Fill bathtub with warm water and add to it the received mix. You lie in bathtub until water does not begin to be cooled. Take shower and if necessary moisturize the skin cream or milk for body. This procedure will help to keep your skin long time elasticity and healthy shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team