Masks from sweet cherry: the best recipes

Masks from sweet cherry: the best recipes

Sweet cherry contains huge amount of minerals and vitamins which are incredibly useful to skin. For this reason this tasty berry is often used for preparation of natural face packs. Thanks to the high content of antioxidants it promotes delay of processes of aging and withering of skin.

To make the universal mask suitable for any type of skin, take 2-2.3 tablespoons of juice of sweet cherry and mix with 1 tablespoon of peach oil. Then add 1 tsp of white honey. Pour out the received structure in glasswares, cover and put to the dark place. In several days you can use it for skin care. Moisten cotton tampon in means and wipe face on massage lines. Wash 12-15 minutes later warm water.

From acid sweet cherry the magnificent cleaning mask can turn out. For its preparation take several berries, remove stones and fork mash pulp to kasheobrazny state. Put puree on face and neck, take 15 minutes and wash away cold water. Such mask effectively narrows and cleans enlarged pores, regulates work of sebaceous glands and gives to skin opaque equal color.

There is one more effective recipe of the cleaning mask. That to make it, mash couple of ripe berries of sweet cherry, previously having removed from them stones. Add to the received puree 1 tsp of fresh juice of lemon and the same amount of liquid natural honey. Put mask even layer on face and you hold within 10-12 minutes. Wash away it cool flowing water. After the procedure apply the moisturizing cream. It is possible to make effective nutritious mask which will be suitable for any skin care of ripe berries of sweet cherry. Carefully mash several berries and mix them with sour cream. Components of mask need to be taken in equal proportions. You hold mask on face within 10 minutes and wash away warm water. The mask from yellow sweet cherry well will be suitable for dry skin. So, knead 1 tablespoon of berries, mix them with the same amount of any vegetable oil. Impose weight on clean face skin and necks, you hold 15 minutes and wash away water of room temperature. The following mask will be useful to oily skin: mix several large ripe berries puree with 1 tsp of juice of lemon and 3-5 drops of oil of rosemary. Put structure on face, avoiding area around mouth and eyes, and you hold 20 minutes.

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