Massage belts for weight loss: advantage, types, method of application and contraindications

Massage belts for weight loss: advantage, types, method of application and contraindications

Massage belts help to fight against excess weight. At regular use of products, skin is tightened, muscles come to tone, and process of combustion of fat accelerates. Quicker to shape up, it is necessary to choose correctly belt and competently to use it.

The boom of popularity of massage belts for weight loss has come in the middle of 2000. At that time products were on sale generally through TV shops. The majority of growing thin have apprehended wonderful massagers with a bang, in advertizing said that by means of belt it is possible to grow thin, doing favorite things — watching TV, reading books and magazines, game with children. However everything is not so iridescent.

The effect of use of massage belts was observed only in combination with traditional ways of weight loss — diet and sports activities. People with irrepressible passion for sweets and pastries criticized more often new massagers as results were not neither in 3 weeks, nor in several months. Therefore before buying massage belt, it is necessary to understand what represents product by what principle it works and what it can be useful.

Massage belts are capable to correct forms, to improve skin in problem places, to strengthen muscles. During the procedure the product stimulates fatty and muscle tissue in different ways: current, vibration, magnetic field. The discomfort throughout session is not felt.

Positive results of application of massage belts are noticeable at least in 3–4 weeks. For such time it will not be possible to mold athletic figure, but to reduce manifestations of cellulitis and to tighten skin quite really. To achieve the best effect, it is necessary to keep to diet and to play sports.

Massage belts will help to take off fatigue in muscles after the training. Many athletes use such products to accelerate process of restoration of muscle tissue.

Most of women believe that massage belts will help them to get rid of hated cellulitis, to reduce waist and hips in volumes. Such results are possible, but it is necessary to carry out physiotherapy daily and it is necessary to adhere to healthy nutrition too. Even products with effect of sauna do not burn fat — only improve blood circulation and accelerate exchange processes in fabrics. Therefore cardiotrainings need to find time nevertheless.

Also people who spend in sitting position much time can use massage belt. The product will improve metabolism, normalizes blood circulation in problem zones, will take off fatigue in muscles and will make skin elastic.

To get only positive emotions and results from session of massage or miostimulyation, it is necessary to choose correctly belt for weight loss. For this purpose it is necessary to understand types of products and their features.

All belts for weight loss classify on three types: massage, neoprene (sauna or thermo), miostimulyator. It is necessary to understand purpose of products and their features even before purchase.

Massage belts

Classical massage belts quite wide, have thickening in working part — the mechanism which consists of the small rotating balls is located there. In settings of the majority of models it is possible to change the speed and intensity of their rotation what the effect of the procedure directly depends on. Most often such products use to get rid of cellulitis, to tighten the skin which has drooped after weight loss, to bring muscles into tone.

Neoprene products

Such products are quite often called thermo-belts or belts saunas. Massagers are made of neoprene fabric which is capable to create greenhouse effect. Belts of this kind use for weight loss, acceleration of exchange processes in tissues of skin, blood circulation improvement. Quite often neoprene products apply together with classical massage belts to enhance effect of the procedure.  


Miostimulyatora use for correction of problem zones and maintenance of muscles in tone. On internal surface of belt conducting nozzles which send insignificant impulses to muscles are located, forcing them to be reduced and relax. Products of this kind thin, are practically not noticeable under clothes therefore sessions of miostimulyation can be spent not only at home, but also at work, on trip.  

To achieve positive results from application of massage belts, it is necessary to follow the instruction. The pose during the procedure has to be convenient. The product needs to be established in problem zone — to fix on waist, hip or in buttocks — to connect the device to network and to choose the optimum mode. Duration of the procedure of massage — from 15 to 30 minutes.

Producers of belts for weight loss advise to adhere to number of rules not to face side effects after the procedure:

  • the session has to last no more than 30 minutes;
  • during massage the unpleasant feelings and discomfort are inadmissible (if those have appeared, it is necessary to change settings and to work other problem zone);
  • skin of problem places has to be dry.

You should not forget that massage belts in action are similar to devices which stand in physiotherapeutic offices. If during the procedure there is pain or discomfort, then the session is immediately stopped. It will be useful and consult with the physiotherapist.

Belts for weight loss have number of contraindications to application. All of them are specified in the instruction which, unfortunately, seldom who reads. It is necessary to refuse use of massagers in the following cases:

  • pregnancy and feeding by breast;
  • the established pacemaker;
  • thrombophlebitis, violation of integrity of blood vessels;
  • chronic diseases of abdominal organs;
  • diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • chronic gynecologic diseases.

Do not use belt and after recently undergone operations. Especially if seams have not managed to drag on — mechanical impact on the injured skin will lead to bleedings and pain.

It is reasonable to consider massage belts for weight loss as additional ways of fight against extra kilos. You should not expect only their positive action. Without having reconsidered food and without having begun to play sports, you will not be able to take harmonious and trim shape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team