Massage by hot stones - advantage and contraindications

Massage by hot stones - advantage and contraindications

Stounterapiya represents kind of massage which is carried out by means of hot stones. Pleasant music and the quiet atmosphere will do only good. Undoubtedly, massage by hot stones favorably influences human body. However you should not forget about contraindications.


Stounterapiya is carried out by means of the washed-out basalt stones which specially heat in water. Them have on the power centers, on key points of body. The procedure for rules of ancient east medicine is carried out. Stones are located on body for deeper relaxation and warming up. Thus, it positively affects further procedures of massage. Generally the effect of similar action can be compared to sauna. The only thing that at massage by hot stones influence is directed to certain parts of the body.

This procedure is carried out by qualified specialists in large Spa the centers and salons.

Action of basalt stones

Basalt is the volcanic nature which is rich with various minerals. It excellently holds and absorbs heat which is used for removal of tension of muscles and stress. Stones which apply to performance of massage of this type have various form and are qualitatively polished. It should be noted that for stounterapiya stones of the different size use. As a rule, massage by hot stones is carried out on naked body of the client. However if you do not accept this condition, you can remain in underwear.

Useful properties

This type of massage makes favorable impact on all organism in general. It effectively reduces stress, tension, muscular pains, promotes deep relaxation at the physiological level. In addition, massage by hot fabrics helps removal of toxins and other hazardous substances from organism, activates exchange processes, improves blood circulation. At the psychological level the stounterapiya helps to overcome stress and depressions, to get rid of alarm, possesses the calming action.

Massage by hot stones has effective medicinal property and is performed at such diseases as insomnia, blood circulation diseases, arthritis.


This type of massage is not contraindicated to most of people. However it is worth refraining from stounterapiya if your blood is inclined to solidification, you have open wounds, rash, infectious diseases of skin. Also the chemotherapy or recently undergone surgery will be the powerful reason for which it is necessary to refuse massage sessions hot fabrics. Contraindication is also pregnancy of the woman.

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