Massage for weight loss on the shiatsu equipment

Massage for weight loss on the shiatsu equipment

The opinion is widespread that to shiayets is ancient technology of impact on human body though actually salutary method has arisen recently, in the 20th century. His creator is doctor Tokuiro Namikoshi. In spite of the fact that the equipment not old and not ancient, it nevertheless effectively copes with many diseases of organism. And with its help it is possible to get rid of excess weight.

To shiayets the amm method which name is translated as calm by hand is the cornerstone. According to ancient legend, the author of this method is the Chinese blind person living several centuries ago. This person earned to himself living, carrying out acupressure. The term shiatsu comes from two words: ши that means fingers, and to ayets - pressing. Thus, it becomes clear that method essence – in pressing by fingers. At the expense of it there is energy activization ци in human body which is salutary. Massage to shiayets treats fatigue, work of internals, backbone is restored. And also the metabolism is normalized and weight is lost.

It is important to know that shiayets cannot carry out massage to people who have serious diseases of heart, kidneys and liver. Also it is not recommended to the pregnant women and people having elevated pressure.

Massage for weight loss on the equipment to shiayets becomes as follows. At first it is necessary to find on point body, pressing by which will help to lose weight. ÛºÒ-San-whether the first point is called. That to find it, it is necessary to sit down exactly, to bend legs in knee joints, to put hands on patellae. The tip of forefinger will adjoin to the necessary point. To lose weight, it needs to be kneaded softly every day within several minutes, it is the best of all in the evening.

To shiayets it is better for beginners to study with the expert as independently it is not so simple to find the correct arrangement of the necessary points. And the result of massage depends on fidelity of the chosen place.

The second point is called Shao-shan, and it is located on thumb at the outer edge of nail. If strongly to press on this place, there are insignificant painful feelings. The point should be massed during couple of minutes, it is no more. The following place is called Lowe-gu. This point is from the inside of leg 3-4 cm higher than anklebone. It should be kneaded also during couple of minutes, it is necessary to press not really strongly. The fourth point is called Da-chzhuy and is located on spin between the first chest and the seventh cervical vertebrae. It is very simple to find it. For this purpose it is necessary to put hand on two most acting vertebras in the basis of neck and to move slowly the head to the right and to the left. One of them will move, and there is no second –. It is also the first chest vertebra, and directly over it the point of Da-chzhuy is located. It should be kneaded carefully, having a little inclined the head forward. It is the best of all to do it in sitting position. The fifth point (Guan yuan) is located slightly below than navel. It should be massed in prone position on spin within 20-30 minutes. It is worth tracing the state carefully. And at any hint on unpleasant feelings (nausea, dizziness, etc.) it is necessary to stop massage immediately. Features of impact on this point following. It is necessary to mass it on hungry stomach. Influence is carried out only once a day, and other points this day cannot be studied. The course of massage makes month.

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