Massage lines on face - where exactly they are

Massage lines on face - where exactly they are

Face care - action complex. It is necessary to include in the daily leaving to include clarification, moistening, tonic and skin nourishment. And it should be taken into account that all means and procedures, even simple washing, it is necessary to carry out on special massage lines. However not all ladies know what they and where are located.

The nobility where massage lines, very important are located. It is connected with what those sites of skin which are least of all subject to stretching understand as these lines. Besides, on them lymphatic system and collagenic fibers are located. It only seems that the usual touch to skin is not reflected in it in any way. It is necessary to carry out manipulations on massage lines accurately and gently. Remember that too rough and excessively active movements lead to early aging of skin. Inaccurate movements lead to collagen destruction.

What are massage lines

Kosmteolog have defined number of the main massage lines on which it is necessary to move when performing massage, putting cream, etc. It is necessary to consider that massage lines are not only on face, but also on centuries and also on neck and zone of decollete.

Massage lines of the person following: - go from the center of chin to ear lobes; - are laid from mouth corner to the central part of auricle (be limited to bringing hands to trestle); - are located from nose wings to temples; - represent nasal fold - on them it is necessary for message from above to nose tip; - goes on nose back - from tip up; - is located from the center of forehead to temple. It is necessary to work with eyes on lines from internal corner of eye to external on upper eyelid and from external corner to internal on lower eyelid. Massage lines of neck and decollete are located on the center of breast and go to clavicular area, pass on the front surface of neck from below up and also on the side surfaces of neck from top to down.

How to work with massage lines

Consider that face skin rather thin and gentle therefore it requires more careful care. For holding all necessary procedures use qualitative means. So, for example, vegetable oils - abrikosova, kokosova, almond, etc. will become great option. Before it do not forget to purify carefully skin taking into account massage lines. When you work with the person, you remember that hands have to be weakened. For you the feeling of softness and tenderness which is created during touch has to serve as reference point. Do not rub the person hands at all. If to follow all rules of care for skin, you will feel how she answers you with reciprocity and gratitude. Do not forget also about massage. In it case of the movement can be slightly surer, but nevertheless have to remain gentle and accurate. If you feel that you have cold hands, previously warm them. So you will accelerate exchange processes and strengthen work of lymphatic system and also will promote more active production of collagen.

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