Massage of body brush

Massage of body brush

To increase blood circulation in fabrics, to make skin more elastic, elastic and tightened the simplest massage by dry brush will be able. Magnificent means for regular stimulation of skin of body is the ordinary bathing brush from natural rigid bristle. It makes very salutary impact on skin and increases elasticity of all fabrics.

It is required to you

  • Special brush from natural bristle with rather long and convenient handle.


  1. Begin massage with brush with feet. For convenience put leg on higher surface, it can be the region of the bathroom or bed. Begin to mass soles from finger-tips and to the heel. Now be moved up to calves of legs, gradually move to hips and buttocks. Surely pay attention to the problem zones. Having carefully massaged all places where there is cellulitis, it is desirable repeatedly.
  2. Now massage upper body - it is hands and palms. Then make massage of back and shoulders. The front wall of stomach is especially sensitive zone. You remember it and mass it especially accurately. At the end of massage massage with slight circular motions lower body in groin.
  3. It is very important to mass all body. Your movements during such self-massage have to be rather firm and strong, however be not overzealous. Massage should not cause in you bright redness and irritation. Skin has to turn pink only. It is forbidden to do massage on moist or wet skin. You can stretch it, from it it will only droop in some places. The brush for massage has to be only dry, and body skin also has to be only dry. Optimum time for such massage morning or evening, before acceptance of bathtub or shower.
  4. Grow old to make this procedure of the most effective. For this purpose carry out the longest movements, with strong pressing. Begin with the small pressure upon brush, gradually increase it as soon as your skin gets used to new feelings. Soon you will find out that you can maintain very strong pressing by brush on skin, but at first try not to be overzealous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team