Means against cellulitis and extensions

Means against cellulitis and extensions

If you think that it is possible to get rid of cellulitis and extensions only by means of expensive saloon procedures, then strongly are mistaken. House wrappings and srubs not nearly concede by efficiency. And also essential plus of house means is the lack of chemistry, unlike store creams.

  • - mummy in tablets
  • - aloe juice
  • - lemon juice
  • - ginger juice
  • - ground coffee
  • - honey
  • - apple cider vinegar
  • - almond oil
  • - essential oil of wheaten germs
  • - essential oil of grapefruit
  • - muscat essential oil
  • - essential oil of lavender
  • - sea salt

1. Mummy the wonderful assistant in fight against cellulitis and especially extensions, he helps to make skin of more equal. For preparation of means it is necessary to take 3 tablets of mummy and to dissolve in mix 1 of Part l of juice of aloe, 2 h l of juice of lemon and 3 h l of juice of ginger. To apply to skin of problem zones thin layer and to wrap food wrap. To wash away in 40 minutes. To repeat the procedure once a week.

2. The excellent srub can be prepared if to mix 3 tablespoons of coffee from 3 tablespoons of honey, this quantity is enough for 1 time. The massing movements it is necessary to pound carefully problem zones, to slightly make massage within 5 minutes and to wash away. It is recommended to apply once a week.

3. Apple cider vinegar is also ruthless to ""orange-peel"". The recipe is simple. To mix apple cider vinegar with water in equal proportions, to moisten gauze in solution and to put on problem zones, to turn food wrap and to leave for 30-40 minutes. To wash away water. If skin became dryish, then to grease with children's cream. To apply once a week.

4. Wrappings from oils feed, soften skin, and the most important eliminate defects. We take almond oil of 3 tablespoons as basis, we add 4 drops of essential oil of wheaten germs, 3 drops of essential oil of grapefruit, 3 drops of muscat essential oil, 2 drops of efirony oil of lavender. To apply the massing movements to skin, to turn food wrap and terry towel. To leave for 1 hour, to wash away water with soap or shower gel. To apply 2 times a week.

5. Are good in fight against roughnesses of skin of bathtub against sea salt. It is enough to accept of them once a week. For this purpose it is necessary to dissolve 300 g of sea salt in water with the temperature no more than 38 S. Prinimat within 15 minutes.

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