Means against section and fragility of hair

Means against section and fragility of hair

Treatment of the sick, brittle, splitting hair is one of serious problems in cosmetology. The condition of indumentum of the head directly depends on health of internals and nervous system. Therefore, along with use of various cosmetology hair preparations, it is necessary to take care also of treatment of the available diseases.

For the brittle splitting hair many producers release the whole lines of care products: shampoos, balms, masks, conditioners. But not always they are able to render the effective help. Then folk remedies come to the rescue.

Salt mask against fragility of hair

Salt makes the all-strengthening impact on hair, does them strong and healthy, improves vernal look and health. Wash the head water, warm, comfortable for head skin, without shampoo, soap and other cosmetics. Softly massing skin hands, rub small table salt and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Will burn down the head a little, it is not terrible. But if the pain becomes severe, it is better to wash away salt earlier.

Wash away salt through the put time, and then with use of shampoo wash out the head. It is necessary to repeat the procedure 6 times, but no more than 2 times a week. After it the condition of integument and hair is considerable to improve. Salt can also be added to fruit masks. For example, grate banana on small grater, add to it teaspoon of salt and apply mix to head skin, having wound it with warm dry towel. The mask is put for 30 minutes, and then washed away by warm water. The procedure can be repeated every other day. Hair after 5-6 such masks become soft, brilliant and strong.

Oil masks

Excellent means for improvement of state and appearance of the brittle splitting hair are oil masks. It is possible to use just suitable oil which is on sale in drugstore, for example, burdock or castoric. It is rubbed in the head, turned in towel and left for 1-2 hours, and later washed away shampoo. Also sunflower or olive oils can be added to masks. Take on 1 teaspoon of oil, honey, henna colourless, cognac and mix with yolk of 1 egg. You apply means for 30-40 minutes on hair, and later wash away plain water.

Grass masks

Perfectly help hair, strengthen them and revitalize infusions of herbs. Mix such grasses as plantain, nettle, marjoram, camomile and sage. Add 1 tablespoon of collecting and glass of boiled water to separate capacity. Cook tincture 1 hour, then filter through marlechka. Rub means in head skin, leave for hour, later wash away water. It is allowed to carry out the procedure to 4 times a week.

Grass collecting can be prepared for the future and to store in the dry cool place in glass jar, making as required.

Infusions from peel of onions and bark of oak or burdock, calendula and hop have the same positive effect.

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