Means for rapid growth of hair

Means for rapid growth of hair

Magnificent head of hear - guarantee of effective business negotiations and love progress. But remember what insufficiently just to look after brittle hair, it is necessary to feed fully them outside and from within.

Several useful tips

Give to hair several minutes of time before night sleep to comb and massage massage brush head skin. Only do not use brush with metal teeth - they scratch and injure roots of hair. Be not too lazy to buy wooden brush better - the massager. Wash the head with warmish, almost cool water, it is proved that hot water promotes release of fat sebaceous glands.

Release of fat is promoted by the use in excessive quantities in food of smoked products, hot spices, fat dishes, sweets, alcohol and coffee.

Try to eat food containing milk, meat, soy, eggs and bean and also the calcium strengthening hair. Do not lean excessively on diets, the organism during them starves and loses the necessary substances. After washing soften and smooth hair, having smeared with conditioner or the express - mask.

From what means hair grow.

Rapid growth of hair causes rinsing by their various herbs, the burdock, train, camomile, nettle, elder are especially useful. Well growth of hair is influenced by walnut: You fill in 2 tablespoons of raw materials with boiled water, you draw half an hour. Infusion needs to be rubbed in head skin, then to rinse it hair completely. Mustard as a part of mask is recommended: You mix 2 tablespoons of powder of mustard with sugar, there are enough 2 tablespoons, you pour in 2 tablespoons of abrupt boiled water that sugar was dissolved, and you receive homogeneous mass, having mixed these products. Then you pour in one yolk and 2 tablespoons of any oil. You rub gruel deeply in skin and roots, and you oil tips to save from peresushivaniye. The first time is enough to take at least 15 minutes, having wrapped the head woolen scarf. It is enough to make once a week this procedure, increasing hold time of mix on hair, despite burning, till 1 o'clock. Mustard warms up skin, opens time where useful substances from this mask easily get. One more "construction" product - gelatin. It contains protein therefore it is so useful to structure of hair. Part 1 tablespoon of gelatin in 3 tablespoons of hot water, mix, break and pound all lumps, let's stand a little to inflate. Pour in 1 tsps of shampoo in gelatin, mix, impose on hair, wrap polyethylene. In half an hour wash up the head.

Gelatin as growth factor of hair, it is possible to accept and inside.

To sport beautiful head of hear, a lot of patience, but thanks to means for growth of hair is required, you will manage to reduce these terms and to cause delight in people around the smart curls.

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