Mechanical peeling: harm and advantage

Mechanical peeling: harm and advantage

Mechanical peeling – the procedure helping to remove dead cells of epidermis and to grind skin to perfect condition. Different extent of mechanical influence subdivides peeling into superficial, median and deep.

Advantage of mechanical peeling

Easy impact on epidermis blankets – brossazh. The peeling is done no more than two-three times a month. In beauty shop delete with the special device with nozzles the keratosic blanket of skin from brushes. The main advantages of such influence are that nutrients of the looking after masks and creams deliver biologically active agents in median and deep layers of epidermis. The skin color is leveled, there are imperceptible small wrinkles and pigmental spots.

At microcrystalline mechanical peeling skin is ground to deeper layers. The parts of aluminum used during procedure help to eliminate roughnesses, to make imperceptible pigmental spots and freckles.

The coral mechanical peeling is appreciated medical influence. Essential oils, extracts of herbs and salts deliver in the deepest layers of epidermis. As a result skin looks elastic, tightened, self-rejuvenation mechanisms are started, there is strengthened production of collagen and elastin, not only small, but also deeper wrinkles are smoothed. At systematic carrying out mechanical peelings the processes of aging slow down, all shortcomings of skin become less noticeable. More radical methods of rejuvenation can be postponed for later terms.

Harm of mechanical peelings

When carrying out mechanical peelings the cosmetologist has to have wide experience. The slightest wrong movement will lead to microinjuries. Through small damages the infection can easily get into epidermis. The mechanical peeling is strictly contraindicated at dermatitis, keratoza, active stage of herpes, at exacerbation of chronic diseases. After peeling it is impossible to sunbathe, visit sunbed and the beach, bath, sauna. It is better not to carry out mechanical peeling to the period of the increased solar activity. On skin freckles and pigmental spots can appear. Besides, after the keratosic layers of epidermis are removed, the integument is subject to negative impact of sunshine. Within two weeks after mechanical peeling it is impossible to use habitual cosmetics. If it is impossible to do without decorative cosmetics, cosmetologists recommend to get means on mineral basis. At emergence of reddening and peeling it is necessary to use the moistening and nutritious means intended for the sensitive and injured skin care.

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