Median peeling of face: advantages and shortcomings

Median peeling of face: advantages and shortcomings

Deep purification of fabrics – the procedure helping to get rid of various defects of skin. One of options for rejuvenation and regeneration – median peeling which is carried out in the conditions of cosmetic clinic or salon.

Median peeling: description of the procedure

Young skin needs periodic superficial cleaning. By means of srubs or structures on the basis of low-concentrated fruit acids from surface the died-off cells of epithelium, grease traffic jams, various pollution are removed. The face becomes smooth and fresh, time is reduced, the number of inflammations decreases.

With age superficial procedures become less effective. Arises need for deeper cleaning affecting not only upper part of epidermis. The medicines which are used for this procedure get to the deepest basal layer. Along with purification of leather, processes of cell regeneration are started, blood circulation improves, outflow of lymph becomes active.

Clinics and salons offer 2 options of median peeling:

  • Influence skin the laser or ultrasound, the nozzle covered with diamond crumb. Processing of the person lattice from laser beams (fractional thermolysis) is very effective.
  • Leather is processed by acids: trichloroacetic, salicylic, retinolovy, milk or glycolic. Concentration fluctuates from average to high, combination of structures depending on condition of skin is possible.   

Advantages and shortcomings

Median peeling – rather aggressive, but very effective procedure. Correctly carried out cleaning is capable:

  • to save from small wrinkles and zalom, to prevent formation of deep folds;
  • to activate exchange processes and to stimulate skin regeneration;
  • to remove traces from acne rash;
  • to eliminate freckles, pigmental spots, mini-hems;
  • to provide easy face lifting, necks, decollete zones.

The procedure is especially recommended for fat, inclined to inflammations, age skin. After the session the face becomes smooth, color is leveled, ukhodovy cosmetics works more effectively. The result of the procedure depends on condition of the person and specific features of the patient.

However you should not wait for miracles from median peeling. Many clients of salons note that the person becomes more well-groomed, but deep zaloma and folds do not vanish. The peeling is not capable to remove asterisks from couperosis or deep scars, to remove noticeable pigmental spots. To avoid disappointments, it is necessary to consult the cosmetologist who will recommend additional procedures: mesotherapy, hardware massage, injections of fillers.

After the procedure it is necessary to use creams with high SPF. The peeling can be painful, the processed leather reddens, irritations are possible. Allergic reactions to medicines which remove antihistamines are frequent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team