Medical bloodsucker – the unique cosmetologist

Medical bloodsucker – the unique cosmetologist

The bloodsucker is excellent doctor and the cosmetologist. Still Avicenna said that it is the pearl presented to mankind from above. The secret of bloodsucker contains more than hundred useful enzymes. In cosmetology this natural doctor works wonders. In old times for gloss of eyes and beautiful complexion of the beauty put them to themselves for ears. Presently bloodsuckers gain the increasing popularity. Medical bloodsuckers use to bring up the person, without resorting to operation. In house conditions use bloodsuckers in the cosmetology purposes any woman can (after consultation of the dermatologist).

Methods of statements of bloodsuckers

For improvement of complexion, elasticity of skin of bloodsuckers put for ears where  mastoidal shoots are located. Or on point which is in junction of the head and neck. For this purpose choose bloodsuckers of the average sizes.

Before statement it is necessary to be washed without application of means with fragrances. As bloodsuckers sensitively react to smells and can not sit down. It is good to pound places of statement towel. It becomes with the purpose to warm skin, so bloodsuckers sit down better.

Accurately tweezers take one bloodsucker (if statement is made on nape) or two when put for ears. Also put bloodsucker on the right place. Leave her before full saturation until she disappears. The place of sting is greased with peroxide and apply small bandage. Cut off piece of cotton wool and paste plaster. More bandage is not shifted. As at sting the bloodsucker injects substance – hirudine. It does not allow to be displaced blood. If the cotton tampon was overflowed, then over it following is put. Such procedure is made time in 10 days. Repeat 5–6 statements.


It is necessary to pay attention that statement of bloodsuckers is contraindicated to the people suffering from the lowered hemoglobin sick with hemophilia and excessively low pressure. It is forbidden because there is blood loss. To the healthy person it is not terrible. Blood will be replenished new, and the amount of blood is lost noncritical. And it is obligatory – before independently putting bloodsuckers, it is necessary to consult with the doctor!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team