Mehendi - how to do temporary tattoo independently

Mehendi - how to do temporary tattoo independently

Mehendi (Mende) is the safe, temporary tattoo executed by natural dye. In many resorts the tattoo henna is the most popular service on the beach. But to what to be limited to set of standard cliches if to prepare structure for mehendi independently very simply, and the drawing put with own hands will be unique.

It is required to you

  • Henna powder - 40 g
  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • Oil of eucalyptus, tea tree, almond oil
  • Tea or coffee
  • Syringe, cone, toothpicks, polyethylene
  • Glass bowl
  • Sketch or cliche of the drawing


1. Initially drawing drawings on skin carried sacral sense, was considered that certain patterns are capable to protect the person from troubles, to attract good luck and even to cure diseases. Over time began to apply color patterns on body just for beauty and self-expression. In advance decide on the drawing. If desired it is possible to choose for drawing ornament with value or to think up own pattern. If you doubt the abilities of the artist – better to make cliche.

2. Preparation of structure for temporary tattoo takes approximately day. In some shops, special henna for body is on sale, but it can quite be replaced with usual dye for hair. In glass or ceramic bowl squeeze out juice of 2 lemons. Sift 40 gr powder through sieve, filtering possible garbage and impurity. Mix juice and henna to condition of paste and, having covered with film, leave for 12 hours in the warm place, but not in the sun. If the drawing of bright orange color is planned, then add to paste teaspoon of sugar and as much tea tree oils. Add lemon juice to smetanoobrazny consistence and again leave for 12 hours under polyethylene. For obtaining more dark color of lines instead of lemon juice add to structure of half-cup of strong black tea or coffee with sugar spoon. Add essential oil of eucalyptus or tea tree and also leave for 12 hours at the room temperature.

3. Surely it is necessary to prepare skin for drawing tattoo henna. Process part of the body srub, dry up, wipe with alcohol, and then eucalyptus oil for the best fixing of color. For receiving thick lines it is possible to use the syringe or to make special cone. From piece of film curtail paper bag and fix edges by adhesive tape. Pour inside mix for mehendi and accurately cut off tip, forming small opening. For thinner strokes use toothpick or brush. For simplification of work it is possible to apply the drawing to skin cosmetic pencil and then it is simple to circle these lines with henna.

4. Color and time of life of ornament depends on the correct drying and fixing of paste on skin. After the biotattoo is put completely, it is desirable to substitute it under sunshine. When paste completely dries out, sprinkle surface mix of lemon juice and sugar (two to one). At least for fixing of the drawing – hour. Dry mix cannot be washed away from skin, it needs to be scraped off the back of a knife. Then wipe the drawing with lemon juice, and after drying by any oil. In the next 4 hours the temporary tattoo cannot be wetted.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team