Melon for appearance persons

Melon for appearance persons

From juice and pulp of melon excellent cosmetic masks and other so gentle face skin care products turn out! The melon has good effect on the dehydrated and dry skin, humidifies it, feeds, does to more elastic. And, above all – so just independently to make mask or lotion! For this purpose the minimum of ingredients and minimum of time will be required!

Easy way

Clean melon, mash pulp fork (it is possible to rub on grater), wring out all juice through gauze. Moisten cotton pad in juice, wipe with it daily dry skin. Such way though very simple, but very effective! You will notice at once that skin became more nice on the touch, velvety. And, above all – all can apply such method! The exception makes only cases when you have allergic reactions.

The refreshing mask

Make gruel of pulp of melon, impose it on the washed-out face skin, then wash away warm water fifteen minutes later. Such mask remarkably refreshes any skin, feeds it, does soft. If you have the dehydrated water, then before drawing melon mask wipe it with olive oil. Course – twenty procedures. Do this mask at least twice a week!

For dry skin

Moisten gauze napkin with melon juice, wring out a little, accurately impose on skin. Remove in twenty minutes. Such compress helps at dryness of skin. The main thing – you put it regularly, three times a week. After the first application you will notice that skin by sight became healthier! As you can see, the compress elementary so from lozhnost with the procedure at you will not arise is preparing.

The combined means

Prepare gruel from pulp, mix with honey spoon, add a little sour cream. Put mask on face, wait fifteen minutes, wash away. Apply this means twice a week. By the way, the course – only ten masks, more is also not required! Already and from this quantity of masks skin will begin to shine health! Will be suitable for the combined skin, dry, normal – generally, very effective remedy!

Oily skin

To pulp of melon add one egg white, shake up. Put, you hold fifteen minutes. Do not forget face skin before drawing (and also it is possible also) to wipe neck with melon juice! The course makes month, the frequency of applications – twice in week.

The moisturizing lotion

Mash melon pulp, leave for two hours, wring out juice, mix it with two spoons of honey and spoon of salt. When salt is dissolved completely, filter lotion, add to it glass of quality vodka. Wash out face skin, wipe with lotion and do not wash away it! Carry out this procedure when it is convenient to you! Such moisturizing lotion is stored long enough, but the main thing to keep it in glass capacity in the cool place. Lotion will help to moisturize the skin though in the winter though in the flying!

Here so the tasty melon can be used for appearance your skin! Pick up mask option for your type of skin and forward – make it healthier and beautiful! And can you more lotion will approach – solve!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team