Men's manicure in house conditions

Men's manicure in house conditions

Well-groomed hands and nails for the man – it is rather need, than tribute to the recent fashion trends. Men can execute manicure at home, without addressing experts. To take care of beauty and health of nails, it is enough to consider the sequence of holding procedure.

To put nails and skin on hands of the man in order can and independently in house conditions. This decision will allow to save on visit of salon. Besides home care – manicure security guarantee. However performance of manicure requires certain tool kit. Depending on elected technicians, can enter tweezers, orange stick for cuticle it, file for polish and cream, oil for massage, skin of hands, gel for processing of cuticle, bath.

The sequence of care in house conditions will be practically same, as well as in salon:

  • For a start it is necessary to wash up hands in warm water and it is good to dry up skin. If desired at this stage it is possible to use srub for skin of hands.
  • After that it is necessary to give to nails the form. As a rule, for men the form of plate is chosen according to shape of fingertips. It is recommended to process nails file, but not cuticle scissors to avoid stratifying. File it is necessary to process plates in one direction at an angle in 45 degrees. There is no need to cut corners, otherwise nails can grow further.
  • Further it is possible to start steaming of skin and softening of cuticle. For this purpose hands lower in warm bath for several minutes. If it is about not cut leaving, it is allowed simple drawings means for processing of skin around nail. The cuticle is deleted with tweezers or remove it by means of orange stick. It is necessary to try not to injure skin and if the wound nevertheless has developed, it is necessary to process it hydrogen peroxide, iodine.
  • Closer to completion of the procedure it is necessary to use polishing file. It will add to nails healthy gloss.
  • Putting hand cream or nutritious oil will be the last stage. If desired it is possible to process plate protective varnish. But the colourless covering can and be excluded if the condition of nails suits the man.

The European house manicure for men

Not cut manicure is the simplest to make houses. This procedure has several advantages. The European leaving is pleasant to clients because of absence of damage of skin. Without using scissors, it is possible to exclude entering of infection practically. Besides it is possible to choose not cut option for the man of any age. Including for children.

One more important plus of the European manicure for men the delay of growth of cuticle is considered. If constantly to use gel for processing of cuticle, it will be possible to spend less time for maintenance of beauty of skin around nail. Also modern means help to avoid appearance of agnails.

Though the latest medicines for care for cuticle are capable to work wonders, not always they can cope with the coarsened skin on male hands. Therefore for arrangement of nails also tweezers, scissors can be used.

Men's manicure will make hands beautiful, tidy and will help to avoid emergence of fungus. To repeat procedures in salon or at home follows in process of growth of nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team