Metal hairbrushes for hair: advantage or harm

Metal hairbrushes for hair: advantage or harm

Metal hairbrushes for hair are good the fact that they remove static electricity. But for the rest they do more harm, than advantage. They are more traumatic for head skin, can change color of dyed hair and also do not suit brittle and fine hair.

At darling and the hairbrush which is actively used by all people rich history. In the Stone Age of the woman used bone crests, instinctively aiming to look after hair. Since then hairbrushes became better and became more and more significant for people. Business was not only that they gave to hair well-groomed look, but also that improved their health, did them stronger and stronger.

Still grandmothers in villages knew that frequent combing raises blood mikrotserkulyation, well influences food of hair bulbs, stimulates growth of hair. From those vremenen there have passed many years, and usual wooden crests were replaced by the whole arsenal of various "massage" brushes and hairbrushes from different materials. And now, getting this subject in shop, women ask question – and what hairbrush will be more useful to hair.

Unfortunately, not many women know how it is correct to choose hairbrush from what material it has to be and what option for what cases is suitable. The lack of this knowledge often leads to the fact that many brushes injure head skin, injure hair and do situation much worse. Especially it concerns metal hairbrushes which to do harm to hair as easy as shelling pears.

The main plus of metal hairbrushes is that they cope with the electrified hair. The metal hairbrush with frequent teeths perfectly will approach if it is necessary to create pile or to divide the mixed-up locks. And if teeths at it rounded off, then such hairbrush copes also with very tangled curls. However at weak and fine hair the metal hairbrushes only harm, but do not help. On the one hand, metal is far stronger than tree or plastic, so – such hairbrush will serve the owner very long. But its constant use can lead to traumatizing head skin that will have an adverse effect on health of hair in general. Choosing metal hairbrush, it is necessary to pay attention to cloves – whether the smooth protective coating similar to ball is put on tips. If there is no that, then the risk is high to put to head skin serious damages. And it is fraught with problems with health. It is also important to know that metal can enter chemical reaction with hair-dye. Respectively, it is undesirable to use metal hairbrush if hair are painted. Otherwise their color can change. It is not less important to pay attention to "pillow" of hairbrush of which teeths stick out. If it is made of rubber, then before purchase it is necessary to check carefully whether it is torn off where basis whether well it is attached. The plastic basis is bad the fact that it strengthens electrization of hair. "Pillow" from dense textiles as it not only does not electrify hair will be the best option, but also looks after them. In general, metal hairbrushes can use, but it is not regular. And only in case on hair there is no paint, otherwise the result can be unpleasantly unpredictable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team