Microblading: how to make ideal shape of eyebrows

The microblading represents technology of giving to eyebrows of ideal form which looks naturally and naturally. Despite some morbidity of the procedure, it is very popular in cosmetology salons. However for achievement of ideal result it is recommended to resort to services of the skilled master.

Description of the equipment

Unlike hardware permanent make-up, when carrying out microblading there is no skin coloring. The pigment which color is selected individually is put in thin cuts of epidermis, forming contours of natural hairs. It has caused natural shape of eyebrow and some morbidity of the procedure.

However such handwork demands professionalism and experience from the cosmetologist. Therefore it is recommended to resort to microblading, previously having got acquainted with the master's portfolio.

The cosmetologist can draw hairs in one direction that will give ukhozhennost to image. For obtaining the most natural result the master creates effect of volume. For this purpose hairs are drawn diversely, at the same time their length differs.

The microblading allows to create powdery eyebrows, having shaded strokes. Externally bends look as if are painted by shadows. Such illegibility of lines suits girls with fair hair.

The modern technology of microblading 6d gives to eyebrows the ideal form at the expense of large number of the thinnest lines.

It is important to approach responsibly the choice of color of pigment and shape of eyebrow if its change is required. It will allow to avoid the subsequent adjustment.

Eyebrows before holding procedure and after it are presented on photo.

For whom it is recommended

The procedure especially will approach at:

  • rare growth of hairs;
  • availability of "empty" places;
  • asymmetries of eyebrows;
  • scars and hems;
  • thin lines of eyebrows.


As the procedure is carried out locally, it has no system impact on organism. However at microblading there is damage of integument, and components of the painting pigment are capable to get into blood.

It is not recommended to carry out the procedure at:

  • supersensitivity to medicine components;
  • catarrhal diseases which are especially followed by temperature increase;
  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • oncology;
  • dermatological problems and wound damages of skin in eyebrows;
  • violations of blood clotting.

To the persons inclined to allergy, it is desirable to carry out the test previously. For this purpose to apply the painting pigment on elbow bend. If several minutes of manifestation of supersensitivity (hypostasis, itch, hyperemia) later are absent, the procedure is allowed for carrying out.

How many the result keeps

The microblading allows to avoid daily coloring of contour, curves, asymmetry. The resistant result which it is long is characteristic of the procedure keeps the original form.

The effect sticks to 7-18 months, in certain cases remains till 2-3 flyings, proceeding from specific features of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team