Modern pedagogics as science

Modern pedagogics as science

demand of pedagogics has arisen when people have determined consistent pattern between development of civilization and education of separate generations. The first attempts to generalize education experience have been made in such strong civilizations as China, India, Ancient Greece. Then began to assign to education big part in the course of socialization of the person.


  1. The term teacher comes from the Greek words peyd - the child and гогес - messages. In literal translation child's leader. Thus the term pedagogics can be treated as detovozhdeniye.
  2. For the first time the pedagogics has separated in separate branch of science only the 17th century. The considerable contribution to separation of pedagogics from the system of philosophical knowledge was made by the English philosopher Francis Bekon.
  3. The pedagogics – science about education and education of the person, it studies how it is the best of all to pass on social experience from younger generation to the senior.
  4. Pedagogics object - process of reality which influences development of the person, that is education.
  5. The idea about human nature, its ability to education, development and education is basis of the pedagogical theory. This basic knowledge helps with the solution of question of the nature of education and education.
  6. Education as the pedagogical process which is taking place in specially created social institutes (family, school, higher education institution) is subject of pedagogics.
  7. Allocate two levels of tasks in pedagogics: scientific and practical. They differ from each other in what the problem of science is to investigate, the task of school is to bring up and train pupils.
  8. Tasks classify also on: • constants – to predict training on the next and not really future. Without scientific forecasts it is impossible to manage educational system, educational policy and even to develop pedagogical science. • temporary – to introduce results of researches in practice. Entry of the market relations into the sphere of spiritual development stimulates development of process of training and search of new methods, approaches. Now it is possible not only to invent new technique of training, but also to effectively put it into practice moreover and to receive general appreciation.
  9. It is necessary to notice that tasks which face pedagogics depend also on social and economic living conditions of society. Requests for new knowledge and skills which are necessary to society in the mode of hotline arrive to pedagogics. And the modern pedagogical science has to react and answer inquiries of society.
  10. The modern pedagogics as science needs bonds with other branches of science. For example, the philosophy is important during development of the pedagogical theory. The psychology helps to resolve issues of training and education, to set the regimen of day and work. The sociology prompts as it is better to organize education process logically.

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