Myths and reality in beauty industry

Myths and reality in beauty industry

the years at people large amount of wrong beliefs which concern beauty of skin, nails and hair was created. Time to dispel myths and to learn correctly to look after itself has come.

The world of beauty is crowded with different information. But whether it is worth believing everything what write about and speak?

Oily skin does not need moistening

All have got used to think that if skin has greasy luster and in certain cases rashes, then by all means it is necessary to get rid of these problems in the various ways. Spirit lotions, frequent peelings and clay masks destroy skin fat and at the same time strongly dry face. Therefore in arsenal each girl has to have moistening means.

Secants the ends of hair can be saved

It is lie! Thanks to advertizing, all have got used to believe that the dead ends of curls can be restored. But the only way to give to hair well-groomed look – to cut off all tips. And then regularly to apply means to prevention of section.

Lipstick and nail varnish have to match

It was fashionable about 5 years ago. Now it is important that the tone of lipstick matched dress or accessory, or was contrast. For official style there is one rule: bright lips or only bright nail varnish.

Not cut manicure is better cut

Here it is very difficult to find differences. If the girl has got used to do cut manicure, then in this case the main thing — sterile tools and the softened skin of hands. Cut manicure will suit those who did not indulge the nails leaving long ago.

If new style is stronger than habit, then it is remarkable as it will be possible to avoid hangnails. The cut method can be applied when there is not enough time for the procedure.

Daily washing of the head

The majority have got used to think that daily hair care – it is harmful. That shampoo washes away not only dirt and fat, but also protective film. Modern hair preparations contain the minimum quantity of aggressive substances and are suitable for frequent application. The main thing – it is correct to pick up shampoo and balm as hair.

A lot of cream does not happen

Most often it is possible to hear from women that the cream layer on face is thicker, the effect is better. Actually this wrong opinion. Skin under large number of not absorbed means ceases to breathe and various problems can appear from behind it. Therefore it is necessary to blot face with napkin in 10–15 minutes after putting cream to remove superfluous.

Cellulitis happens only at donuts

The main reasons of orange-peel – the slowed-down metabolism and lack of physical activities. Cellulitis can develop both on slender body, and at the person with excess weight. The problem can unexpectedly come. Therefore it is impossible to relax. For prevention it is recommended to limit the use of harmful products (flour, fat, smoked), to drink not less than 1.5-2 liters of water a day and to regularly do at least easy exercises to tighten body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team