Nail care – that needs to be known

Nail care – that needs to be known

Smooth, equal and strong nails — indicator of ideal manicure, ukhozhennost and human health. Each woman faces that her nails constantly break, turn yellow, grow dull, and on surface small white specks appear. Elimination of similar symptoms requires healthy nutrition to receive amount of vitamins necessary to our organism and nutrients.

Dim nails testify to lack of moisture, and the nail thickening will become signal of violation of blood circulation. The shortage of iron is followed by constant availability of small specks, the same symptom - indicator of the broken metabolism. Brownish color of nail, and yellow - sign of either the heavy smoker, or the person with the shortage of carotene will become the certificate of problems with adrenal gland. Also nails can turn yellow and from frequent coloring is delicious without previously put protection.

How to protect nails:

  • The first step to beauty - cleaning in rubber gloves. But during cleaning you should not wear them more than 30 minutes because nails begin to be softened.
  • It is necessary to choose liquid for varnish removal with special care too. It has to be without acetone and include various oils and vitamins in the structure. Liquid for removal of varnish cannot be abused. It is worth using it no more than two times a week.
  • Use of metal nail files spoils enamel. Choose more sparing materials. It is the best of all to choose tools for manicure one trademark.
  • Arrange once a week nutritious baths with olive oil. And for bleaching and strengthening of nails lemon juice will help.
  • Behind long nails the special care since under the grown edge of nail dirt and the died-off parts of body can accumulate that creates vital environment for fungus is necessary.
  • Do not cut nails too shortly since in this case the nail plate can grow into skin.
  • It is worth including the products rich with the content of vitamin D and calcium in the diet.

Shape of nail:

  • if you have big hands - roundish nails will approach,
  • the oval form will be suitable for owners of small and thickish fingers,
  • with long fingers it is more preferable to girls to choose square shape, maintaining average length.

That your nails seemed longer, paint them dark varnish, light varnish - visually shortens and does nails by accurater. After coloring on nails it is not necessary to blow, better to take them under cold water. Few times in week let's your marigold have a rest from all coverings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team