Nail extension by acrylic: advantages and shortcomings

Nail extension by acrylic: advantages and shortcomings

The procedure of nail extension has put art of design manicure on new step. And that said about building – that it is not useful and it is even not fashionable, women continue to register persistently in the procedure and derive pleasure from result. One of the most popular materials for building – acrylic, and at it is the shortcomings and advantages. What?

The most important advantage of acrylic nails is the their fortress, durability and flexibility. Such characteristics allow to create at any initial condition of native nails effective design and long nail plate with natural shape of native nail. Manicure with such covering breaks very seldom and gives in to instant restoration. For this purpose it is enough to carry special glue in handbag. For example, gel covering much more brittle and fragile. And you will not manage to repair independently broken nail "on the run". Therefore the unplanned visit to manicure salon is provided.

Other pleasant quality of acrylic manicure – ease of its removal. It is possible to remove acrylic covering by means of special liquid, without unpleasant cutting, as in case with gel.

Natural and accurate type of acrylic manicure – one more powerful advantage. Of course – experience and skill of the employee of salon are of great importance too. And if the procedure is carried out correctly, nails to look very naturally. Besides acrylic building harms less native nail since does not deform it at growth. And only on acrylic manicure it is possible to do such design as volume modeling. All listed advantages have to be enough that without deliberating will go to salon and to make nail extension acrylic. But before final decision-making it is worth learning also about some shortcomings of this procedure.

Building by acrylic does not suit people with allergic reactions and tendency to allergy. Therefore if there are doubts, in advance consult the doctor. Women with quickly growing nails should solve whether you awake they each two-three weeks agree to do then correction of manicure. If is not present, then it will better be limited to usual option without building. Building by any material spoils native nail, depriving of it oxygen. Therefore such manicure should not become your visiting card. Each two months it is worth taking break at least for two weeks and to delete artificial nails. During this period the experts recommend the strengthened leaving and treatment of native nails: nutritious baths, vitamin cream and oil. Conclusion arises idle time – at nail extension with acrylic of good points much more, than negative. And at the correct leaving and care you can regularly indulge yourself and admire with surrounding beautiful manicure with long and well-groomed nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team