Nail extension in house conditions

Nail extension in house conditions

Have you admired the increased nails of your girlfriend and have wanted to make the same? But you are not able to afford to go to salon? Do not despair, nail extension can perfectly be carried out in house conditions.

First, stock up with patience and try to be very accurate. Secondly, for nail extension in house conditions you should acquire special set. Thirdly, choose whether you want to increase nails by means of acrylic or by means of gel. In house conditions it is better for the beginning master to use gel as it well spreads on nail surface, and building turns out accurate.

How to carry out nail extension in house conditions?

At first we prepare nails • Do not use hand cream before building. • Accurately clean nail about cuticle.· grind the surface of nail file, carrying out by her cross - on cross. This procedure is obligatory, otherwise gel will begin to peel off. • Degrease the surface of nail.· apply gel by means of brush and, using ultra-violet lamp, some time we dry nails. The second stage of nail extension in house conditions • It is possible to increase nails in house conditions on forms and on tipsa. At nail extension on forms use cliches on which gel is imposed, and after its hardening, forms clean up. • If you use tipsa, then they are pasted to nail, then atop apply gel. Tipsa is not moved away after its hardening, they remain, covering half of surface of nail. Such type of building can be used and at very short nails.· apply gel on nails once again and once again dry. You can do this procedure several times (usually 2-3 times). • Now file we give the necessary form to each nail.· of Lach or the drawing is applied on nails at your discretion. Nail extension in house conditions is the long and labor-intensive process demanding skills. But such nails will serve to you more than a month, and you will be able to surprise the well-groomed hands surrounding with beauty and to accept enthusiastic compliments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team