National methods of disposal from natoptyshy and callosities

National methods of disposal from natoptyshy and callosities

Burst callosity it is capable to make cry not only the child, but also the adult. Such wounds develop, as a rule, because of the wrong selection of footwear. There are they very quickly, and to get rid of them very difficult. Natoptysha resemble callosities superficially, but fight against them for many can seem impracticable. Actually, to return stupnyam beautiful appearance folk remedies can help.

It is required to you

  • - leaf of aloe;
  • - pulp of black bread;
  • - tea tree oil;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - cabbage leaves


1. Will help to prevent emergence of callosities and natoptyshy usual cold water. Every morning pour foot under shower. Water at the same time has to be cool. Carefully this method should be applied to the people inclined to catarrhal diseases or with the weakened immunity. The organism is better to accustom to such procedures gradually.

2. Carefully crush leaves of usual cabbage and mix them with small amount of vegetable oil. Lay out the turned-out mix even layer on bandage or gauze. Make compress for 30 minutes, and then wash away residues of oil warm water. Such procedures will help not only to prevent emergence natoptyshy and callosities, but also will help to soften already the keratosic sites of skin.

3. The callosity or natoptysh considerably will decrease in the amount of if within one week to put the black bread moistened in small amount of vinegar to the problem site of skin. The procedure is enough to be carried out once a day.

4. Baths with lemon compresses are also pretty fast capable to return to skin healthy look. At first well steam out foot in hot water with celandine juice addition, and then apply to I make callous or to natoptysh lemon segment. In 20-30 minutes remove compress and repeat the procedure twice a day within week.

5. It is possible to remove the keratosic skin by means of tea tree oil. Accurately massage movements rub structure to the problem site of skin twice a day. After several procedures try to steam out legs in hot water and to rub natoptysh brush. If the coarsened skin is not removed, continue to use oil and repeat reception in several days.

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