National recipes for skin moistening

National recipes for skin moistening

The beautiful and healthy view of skin often depends on its correct moistening. It touches both face, and body in general. If the water balance is normal, skin will be opaque and smooth.

It is worth remembering that as soon as in integuments there comes dehydration (shortage of water), skin loses the elasticity over time, becomes flabby, on it the shelled spots and small wrinkles are formed. The reasons for that can be much, beginning from banal stress, influence of adverse external conditions, natural age changes, before the wrong skin care.

To help to restore water balance and to slow down process of dehydration of skin it is possible, using various means. It can be as the checked national recipes, and the latest developments of cosmetic products.

Moistening of skin by means of cosmetic products

It should be noted that it is necessary to humidify not only the dry type of skin but also combined, fat and normal type. It is worth caring all the year round for additional moistening of integument, and not just in the flying when it becomes dehydrated and defenseless under the influence of dry air. The moisturizing cosmetic medicines which in huge number release modern producers of various cosmetic firms can help with it. On counters of shops today sufficient arsenal of the moistening means which are capable to return to skin elasticity and to fill necessary vital stock. These means are: oils, gels, serums, tonics, lotions, cream, mask, etc. All of them are called to promote the maximum moistening of skin, to protect it from harmful effects of surrounding factors. What firms and costs was not cosmetic products, the main thing – consider state and type of skin. Correctly to pick up necessary cosmetic, address for consultation the qualified specialist.

National methods of moistening of skin

For moistening of all body it is possible to use broth on the basis of medicative herbs (coltsfoot, marjoram, nettle, St. John's wort, celandine, etc.). Apply it, adding 2-3 glasses of abrupt broth to water, taking bath. It will be useful to rinse with also similar broths systematically zone of decollete and the person after washing. For the maximum moistening of skin it is possible to prepare special tonic on milk with addition of various berries (raspberries, currants, wild strawberry, strawberry). It is possible to use this means for skin nourishment of hands, the person and zone of decollete. However masks remain the most effective remedies for moistening of skin. They protect skin from dehydration and drying, save from flabbiness, give tone and give to skin healthy and fresh look. The moisturizing mask with camomile perfectly will approach use for any type of skin. It will excellently soften and will moisturize the skin, having given it special velvet. For preparation of mask 3 tablespoons of dry collecting fill in with glass of abrupt boiled water. In 20-30 minutes, infusion is filtered. Add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to the received gruel of flowers of camomile. Ready mix is evenly distributed on gauze napkin even layer. The similar mask is put on face for 15-20 minutes. In completion of the procedure it is recommended to wipe face with cotton tampon, previously having moistened it in the remained infusion.

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