Natural cosmetics: myths and reality

Natural cosmetics: myths and reality

there was fashionable all that is natural. Consumers want to buy only fresh food, fruit and vegetables without addition of GMO and chemicals and also to use only natural cosmetics. It is considered to be that if the product natural, means it safe. Whether so it actually, it is necessary to find out.

Despite continuous promotion of some cosmetic companies concerning naturalness of their products, it is impossible to tell nevertheless unambiguously what product is better - "natural" or "synthetic". To take at least in attention the fact that completely natural cosmetics has to have extremely small expiration date estimated in days if not in hours, all natural very quickly spoils.

Besides, sometimes to achieve any given effect, it is hardly possible to do without use of special additives. Therefore at least it is worth thinking is it necessary to replace all these synthetic components natural.

Despite wide popularity and thirst for all natural, you should not attribute to natural cosmetics any supernatural properties. On the contrary, preservation of many vitamins, minerals and other useful substances in any given products sometimes is just impossible without due heat treatment, addition of stabilizers, emulsifiers and thickeners. Even the term "organic" with which have so got used to speculate now, means only that the plant which is part of any given means has been processed and grown up in certain conditions that cannot affect quality of the final product at all.

Chemical components of cosmetic, certainly, can be allergens, however there are a lot of them and among natural components. It is possible to carry citrus, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, lemon grass, mint, rose, spices, various essential oils to them – it is possible to list infinitely. It does not mean that with contents any of above-mentioned extracts it is worth getting rid of cream immediately as manifestation of allergy can be very individual in each case.

To be fair It should be noted that developers of cosmetics under signature stamp "natural" do not stand still. And if some 5-10 flyings ago such cosmetics could concede considerably "synthetic" on the consumer properties, then now it is capable to compete quite adequately in the market. For example, producers of natural cosmetics have learned to create brighter color scale, having departed from pale and boring shades, their shampoos are capable to foam now too, and components, susceptible to light and air, are packed into opaque bottles with special dosers. You have full authority to choose what cosmetics to use "natural" and "synthetic", the main thing that the remedy chosen by you was really effective and was pleasant to you personally, and all the rest is not so important.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team